Protest videos for Canada and the bridges other than Ottawa for February 12, 2022

Please check the comments for this post as the day progresses.

Police move in on Truckers at Ambassador Bridge

As of posting this is LIVE at the Ambassador Bridge, Windsor Detroit

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  1. associated press – Demo in support of Canadian truckers on Peace Bridge

    Protesters gathered Saturday in Buffalo, New York, at the border spanned by the Peace Bridge to echo the continuing backlash against COVID-19 mandates across Canada.

  2. Seeking an end to COVID mandates, convoy of cars travel to Peace Bridge

    Wanting an end to COVID mandates, convoy-style protests happened on both sides of the Peace Bridge.

    Protests were happening Saturday in Buffalo and in Fort Erie, Ontario.
    A convoy of cars traveled from Tonawanda down to the Peace Bridge, with people showing support for the truck blockade that’s been preventing passage over the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit.

    There was not an attempt to block the Peace Bridge on the American side, although Canadian news outlets including CHCH News in Hamilton, Ontario reported and shared video of a human chain being separated by police at one point.

    Buffalo Police told 2 On Your Side there were no issues reported, and they estimated about 100 vehicles and 300 people took part in the demonstration along Busti Avenue and in the vicinity of the Peace Bridge.

  3. An excellent rally at Pacific today. The horses rode in; the convoy’s were continuous, citizens, parents, kids, and freedom doggo’s enjoyed spring conditions. Car and truck loads of Sikh gentlemen, many greybeards; they’re the ones with the most flags in the air and the heaviest horn finger – really into it.
    The truckers coming up from the line were great, the lads representing the PPC in the Unimog, and the bloke who showed up in an Oshkosh HET were a crowd hit.
    By 14:00PST the rally extended from 2nd ave up sixteenth or further on Pacific Highway, 8th ave east and west looked the same: both shoulders and the medians bumper to bumper, huge tailbacks in the single lane north and south open, a huge crowd, smiles all around, even from the motorists caught in the crawl, mass birds for the orbiting news and batcopter. The federalies were doing traffic control only, one had no problem getting down to the camp out and laager.
    I guessed the crowd at 100K, I heard 80K reported around in the afternoon, which seems low.
    Brownstream Media coverage: 0
    We must have Freedom. Tread on Them, and keep the pressure on.
    Get those keisters out there, shove back the darkness, and live.

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