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31 Replies to “Police in Ontario visit people at home who comment on the Trucker’s protest”

  1. “We are pushing on the Canadian government to resolve this swiftly” Michigan Governor reacts to protests

    Gretchen Whitmer reacts to border crossing protests, saying these protests are incredibly damaging to the economy.

  2. global news –Trucker protests: US pressing Trudeau to take action against border blockades

    Trudeau and U.S. President Joe Biden are set to meet on Friday.

    The anti-mandate protests in Canada are inspiring similar demonstrations across the world, including the U.S.

    The protest initially sprung up in response to a federal rule that all Canadian truckers seeking to cross the border from the United States would need to be vaccinated in order to avoid a 14-day quarantine. But as the trucks rolled towards Canada’s capital, their message became increasingly muddied.

  3. glen beck – 3 examples of INSANE HYPOCRISY from Canada’s trucker convoy

    Glenn says he fully supports the truckers involved in Canada’s Freedom Convoy, IF they remain peaceful.

    It’s hard to trust what’s REALLY going on, he explains, since the mainstream media in both Canada and America fully support both nations’ far-left governments.

    But even the powerful press can’t hide the hypocrisy displayed throughout this entire story.

    From Trudeau and President Biden, to one particularly embarrassing CNN analyst, the far-left REALLY needs to learn a lesson about flip-flopping…

  4. Very convenient timing.

    I was listening to David Menzies live coverage on TWITTER and suddenly, a Twitter interruption. I searched other people I follow re Freedom Convoy, and Twitter kept interrupting with “Oups, something went wrong. But don’t fret, it’s not your fault. Try again in one minute.”

    I couldn’t ‘Like’, nor comment either. Also, I noticed there weren’t many people ‘liking’ Menzies coverage. And my notification button disappeared also.

    I tried and tried and tried. Almost thirty minutes later, it’s back to normal.

  5. reuters – Auto group demands law be enforced in Canadian blockade

    The president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association, Flavio Volpe, urged law enforcement to remove the protesters at the Ambassador Bridge, which accounts for about 25% of U.S.-Canadian trade.

  6. pig bullies acting on info from zuckershithead. the gestapo reincarnated by trudie, lives and breathes. fuk pigs. bullies with a license to kill, which we may see soon as protesters are murdered. I remind these bully boys, they might want to make sure their own families are protected.All is fair in love and war assholes.

    • Well, another way to put it is, “Turn around is fair play”.

      Police seem to be violating ALL our rights to privacy now from monitoring 33M cell phones for 2 years now, to facial recognition and other methods to track your movements and activities when you have not comitted any crimes.

      So doxxing police and public officials seems to be in order and is about 1/400,000th as bad given what they are doing to all Canadians. Or do I have that wrong?

  7. Intimidation tactics! Back in the early 1990’s…we attended a briefing where a senior white shirt in the federal police briefed us on a policy that called for the “Force” to be 50% female by a year which has already passed us by……..I wondered then, is it because draconian laws will be put into place and an attractive women wearing a vest and sidearm will look less menacing if she smiles…… than a burly 6’3″ male with a gruff voice??
    Here it is! Look at her! An agent of the state! Do not be deceived!

  8. RT – Freedom Convoy: peaceful protesters v government

    The wave of protests that began with the blockade of Canadian truckers continues for the second week now.

    The head of the Canadian Democratic Defence Association, Kelly Anne Wolfe, explains the situation.

  9. ctv- Freedom Convoy’ protesters’ use of Orange Shirt Day ‘a real insult’: AFN chief

    AFN Chief RoseAnne Archibald responds to the Freedom Convoy protesters’ use of Orange Shirt Day and ‘Every Child Matters’ for their cause.

  10. global news – Trucker protests: Demonstrators confront Ottawa police as they hand out citations

    Protesters at the Ottawa trucker protest confronted police officers giving out tickets on Friday.


    Police appeared to be taking information on the trucks blocking roads across from parliament, and handing out citations to their drivers.

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