Hate hoax by the professional left, again, Trudeau’s brother VICTORY in Alberta as of MIDNIGHT TONIGHT: Links 4, February 8, 2022

1. Anti-semitic leaflet was a hate hoax pushed by legacy media and left-wing politicians

A report of an anti-Semitic document supposedly found at the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa has been debunked as a hoax, despite being pushed by legacy media and politicians as fact.

In a now-deleted tweet, Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN) chair Bernie Farber posted a photo of an anti-Semitic flyer he claimed “a friend” had found at the site of the Ottawa freedom protests.

“Taken by a friend in Ottawa at the Occupation,” said Farber in a since-deleted tweet on Sunday. “Apparently in plain sight.”

(The ironically named, Canadian Anti-Hate network” is a Marxist think tank funded by and essentially is, just the SPLC, or put another way, the CAHN is in fact the Northern Poverty Law Centre)

2. More from Justin Trudeau’s half brother about the blackmail Trudeau appears to be acting under

3. VICTORY: Kenney to scrap vaccine passport program at midnight

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced today that effective midnight tonight, the vaccine passport program will be terminated in Alberta.

The move comes slower than some would have liked, but earlier than any other jurisdiction in Canada.

This means that Alberta’s government will restore the rights that it confiscated from unvaccinated Albertans before even Saskatchewan, which announced its reopening plan this week.

Kenney has been careful to not make it seem like his government is responding to the Coutts border blockade, however, it is hard to ignore how conveniently timed this policy reversal is.

“I don’t suggest that we ‘forgive and forget.’ Far from it,” one Albertan commented on Twitter.

Compared to his main rival, Rachel Notley, the incumbent premier seems to be more in tune with the provincial psyche. Just a few days ago Rachel Notley called for more lockdowns, and the implementation of a provincial sales tax to boot.

4. CBC – Federal minister pushing Ontario to impose provincial fines on commercial vehicles at protest (WARNING: CBC Enemy propaganda)

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra says he is in touch with provincial counterparts about imposing provincial fines on drivers impeding traffic.

“These types of infractions can carry serious financial consequences to drivers who are using commercial vehicles for unlawful activities,” Alghabra told Power & Politics Tuesday.

(Notice how the CBC actually gives ideas to Omar on ways to hurt the protestors.)

5. Abp. Viganò endorses Canadian truck drivers, calls for prayers to defeat ‘infernal’ Great Reset

Thank each and every one of you who pays attention, and works for the betterment of all mankind

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  1. 3 – ALBERTA KENNEY – Lie of Omission

    However, while Premier Kenny said the vaccine passports called ‘Restriction Exemption Program’ (REP) would be eliminated at midnight tonight, the QR codes check-in gates would continue; vaccine requirements will remain; vaccine discrimination can continue by private businesses with government support; govt healthcare workers must still be vaccinated or get fired; entertainment venues would be allowed to sell food & drinks again (but customers must be seated); and rules on closing times, alcohol service times, table capacity in restaurants, and social distancing would remain in place.


  2. God be praised for the gift of Archbishop Vigano. The Freedom we are demanding is that which is God given and is to be used our of love for Him and love of our neighbor

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