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6 Replies to “The country that is hosting the Olympics made this detergent commercial”

  1. I don’t like the Chinese Communist party but I have to say it’s not racist to have an ideal physical type who is not a member of theadifferent racee.If a black man has a romantic ideal of a black woman that’s not racist,it’s just personal preference .The same goes for a Chinese woman with a romantic ideal of a Chinese man.

    • Oh I agree. But saying that washing a black guy can cleanse you into another race, means that being black is dirty. The commercial is racist, even though your point is 100% valid.

      In fact I remember as a kid when I saw the first set of PC rules go into effect, how long it would be before one’s personal preferences were no longer allowed for being racist in some way.

      It’s also very funny. Which of course I will be attacked by the left for saying since there is only one way to react to things which is permitted, hence the term, “politically correct”.

      But its also interesting that the dialectic stays intact over this. By which I mean that had say, one of us made this commercial, well we all know how it would be used. But when a communist country does, it’s to be ignored. It would be fun if Trudeau was asked about it in Question Period. But then he’d have to be there.

  2. Nothing like putting your country on display for the world to see. Wash the black out of the black guy? I hear they’re trying hard to steal the technology that gets out all the nasty red and yellow.

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