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4 Replies to “Mark Steyn: GoFundMe should be sued into oblivion”

  1. That was a rapid and awesome traverse over the moral health of the UK.

    Royalty: Price Charles
    Royalty: Prince Blair
    Royalty: Price Muhammad

    Males formed from the ribs of females.

    Cuck – momma’s boy
    Suck – momma’s replacement
    Buck – momma’s ruin

    The Trinity of the fatherless.


    • So let’s imagine a wife (if such a thing exists now) betrays her husband by sleeping around for her sense of glory.

      Their children are around the Gay-age of 5.

      The Cuck, will change the goal posts and claim they had an Open Marriage.

      The Suck, will declare Marriage is a prison and go off and do the same thing with men too. Because they are equal and better than women.

      The Buck will kill her (and then the kids because Social Services will take them away to be transgendered).

      The real fathers? The men?


      These royals may screw the country, but there are the children worth fighting for.

      Hence the Canadian truckers. The fathers of Canada.

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