Two important articles for all planning to be at the Ottawa protest this weekend

The government has convinced most people that on January 6th there was an attempted insurrection in Washington. Not the ones where ANTIFA and BLM took over parts of cities, set them on fire, threatened everyone, threw firebombs at government buildings and declared regions of cities to be “autonomous Zones”. Those, we are told, were “mostly peaceful protests”. The one where patriots were in the capitol building for the most part, standing in between the red velvet ropes, that, was an insurrection we are told, because what was most likely an FBI agent named Ray Epps, screamed at all the protestors that they had to go into the Capitol building. About the 11th time that has happened by the way, and pretty much every other time by leftists.

Anyway here are two articles you may want to all familiarize yourself with in order to stay safe and recognize these kinds of events before they can blossom into a Trudopian excuse for greater totalitarianism.

AEXCLUSIVE: Many Ignored Crimes Committed by Members of the Patriot Front Provide More Evidence It is a Government Sponsored Group

The US government-sponsored Patriot Front has committed numerous crimes but is given a pass.  This is more evidence that this group is backed by the US government. 

Yesterday we provided evidence for the Patriot Front group being a government-sponsored domestic terrorist group.  We even identified a couple of individuals in the group.

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