Australia, Dr. Bostom’s latest, and ANOTHER doctor comes out for Ivermectin: Links 2, January 6, 2022

1. Dr. Andrew Bostom on masks vaxx and other aspects of the Covid measures that need a sober look

2. Being kicked out of a sporting event (in Australia?) for an inappropriate sign?

His sign is likely in support of this athlete. 

3. Australia to come down harder on the independent minded

AUSTRALIA – NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner says there will be a territory-wide lockout from 1pm local time for the unvaccinated.

This comes as the territory recorded 256 new cases of the virus.

“If you are not fully vaxxed, stay home. You are at greater risk of catching COVID, getting ill and needing hospital care,” Mr Gunner said.

“The fully vaccinated can continue as they were. For people who are not vaccinated, lockdown rules will apply to everyone aged 16 and above.

The lockout will end on Monday at midday and a vaccine pass system will be implemented.

(According to the video, this is from PCR tests, presumably of healthy people and presumably at way to high a CT, or cycle threshold to be meaningful.)

4. Another doctor comes clean on the war against effective therapeutics for Covid such as Ivermectin. Dr. Pierre Kory

The tactics deployed by the pharmaceutical industry in their decades-long war on repurposed drugs reached a zenith during COVID-19… and have resulted in true crimes against humanity.

Ivermectin, a decades-old, off-patent drug costing pennies to make, with an unparalleled safety profile and numerous manufacturers across the world, actually sits atop one of the largest and strongest clinical trials evidence base in history. The existing, massive amount of clinical trials data shows immense efficacy against COVID-19 in all its phases; prevention, early and late treatment, and long-haul syndrome (no actual trials in long-haul but rather extensive positive clinical experiences). Despite this inarguable (yes, inarguable) supportive evidence, no major Western or international health agency has recommended its use in COVID-19. Conversely, ivermectin has been officially adopted for early treatment in all or part of 23 “less developed” countries (39 if you include non-government medical organizations), and which include about 25% of the world’s population.

(I haven’t read this yet, but I am reading Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci. And wow. Just wow.)

Thank you all, and now that I see I forgot to post today’s reader’s Links, I can understand why so few comments! Sorry about that and please keep them coming in.

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