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56 Replies to “Protests in Kazakhstan (Primarily Almaty)”

  1. So Putin wanted Nato and related meddlers clearing out of Russia’s border states. Now this. That’s the west’s answer. Sounds like there was a plan in place.

  2. TASS
    Almaty head says situation in city under control
    He blamed the unrest on “domestic and foreign instigators”

    The head of the Almaty city administration, Bakytzhan Sagintayev, said the situation in Kazakhstan’s largest city hit by large-scale protests on Tuesday, has been taken under control…

    “Domestic and foreign instigators are behind those destabilization attempts and extremist actions. Law enforcement forces are taking necessary measures to stabilize the situation, maintain security, peace and tranquility in Almaty. The situation in the city is now under the control of authorities. Instigators and extremists are being detained, masterminds are being established…”


  3. Kyiv Post
    Kazakhstan’s Maidan – What We Need to Know

    Those of us who have been following events in this huge Central Asian oil-rich republic have been amazed how quickly protests against the rise in gas prices for domestic consumers have turned into a nationwide rising against Kazakhstan’s government and the scarcely concealed despotic nature of its regime…

    What are we to make of these dramatic developments? We still don’t know what the outcome will be. Will the use of brute force and repression stifle the protests (as temporarily in Belarus and Russia), or will the Kazakh revolution, read Maidan, result in a profound change in the political, economic and social set-up in the country?

    If it does bring change, it will have significant implications for the entire post-Soviet region still under the influence of Moscow. This new geo-political political earthquake will send tremors that will certainly be felt in Moscow, Minsk and perhaps even Beijing.

    We don’t know what the political views of the protesters are, pro- Moscow, western, or Chinese, but clearly, Moscow will now have to factor in this unexpected setback and might be detracted from its current anti-Western offensive focused on determining the status of Ukraine…

    And then there is the threat of other external forces, not simply Western ones, capitalizing on the situation – Muslim fundamentalists from Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, or China wanting to make the most of it…

    Today, the popular uprising in independent Kazakhstan has sent a clear message to Putin, Lukashenko and other similar tyrants in the post-Soviet space that their oriental despotism, modernized and adapted to the Soviet and post-Soviet eras, will also have its day, sooner than they and many expect.


  4. Fuel Riots Turn Political In Kazakhstan As Government Collapses, Requests Russian Troops To Stop Color Revolution

    What started as a riot over increased fuel prices has led to the collapse of the Nazarbaev puppet government which is now calling on Russian troops to intervene to restore order.

    The demonstrations turned political after the government acquiesced to some demands and devolved into looting and civil unrest in the capitol of Nursultan, previously known as Astana and other cities including Almaty.

    One video showed a bulldozer crashing into a bank to steal currency. Government buildings and leadership palaces were broken into and set on fire. The Almaty Airport was seized but has now been cleared according to reports.

    Kazakhstan has requested troops from a collective security bloc – involving six former Soviet countries including Russia – to help put down a “Terrorist Threat” – reports say, reported RT.

    President Tokayev has claimed the so-called revolutionaries were trained abroad and ‘thrown’ into Kazakhstan – calling it an act of aggression.

    Washington also dropped in it had nothing to do with it, calling it “standard disinformation” by Russia…
    [italics in original]


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