Coup in Kazakhstan and enough info on vaxx to launch major criminal proceedings: Links 2, January 5, 2022

1. Reiner Fuellmich shows new findings that should be enough to dismantle the entire vaxx industry (20 minutes)

2. Protests in Almaty Kazakhstan turn into a proto-coup as City Hall is attacked. So far, it seems this is over fuel prices. Not sure what else is behind it yet. I do know for a fact that the real reason for many Eastern European/Eurasian protests are artfully lied about. I went through this for days over the protests in Bulgaria, which were 100% against vaxx-pass and mandatory vaccines etc. but were spun by Bulgarian and other ‘official’ media as being that restaurant unions demanded that all people had to be vaxxed or some reverse of the real motives. Fortunately we have Tania on the ground in a major Bulgarian city talking to the people and translating the signs. So for now, we know that there are riots in Almaty, and that the city hall was raided. But don’t take anyone’s word as to why just yet. The video’s text referring to the “authoritarian government” is amusing though. Other than I dunno, Brazil, maybe India and a few US states, where is the government NOT authoritarian?

“A few health care facilities have been damaged” ay? I wonder what that has to do with rising gas prices. Do Kazakh clinics also sell gas?

(Youtube forces a watch there. So here it is from Bitchute)


3. In a free society, we know what anyone would have said as the other half of the equation he was enunciating. As this is no longer a free society, and anyone who opposes the God like, diktats of leaders who have one policy only, well we all know what would happen to him, or anyone else who says the logical second half of this equation.

Thank you M., Johnny U., Yucki, ML., Sassy, and a large number of people who make the effort to try and gather actual information out of the sceptic field that has been made out of media.

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