Italians defy no fireworks celebration cause ‘Covid’, Napoli puts on HUGE display

In Naples, Italy, the mayor cited COVID to announce a ban on fireworks for a second straight New Year’s Eve.

This was the response from citizens:


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4 Replies to “Italians defy no fireworks celebration cause ‘Covid’, Napoli puts on HUGE display”

  1. Big deal. “Protests” in Italy are just entertainment.

    The serious challenge would’ve been to shut down the Port of Trieste:
    Trieste, a deep-water port, is a maritime gateway for Northern Italy, Germany, Austria and Central Europe. It is considered the end point of the Maritime Silk Road, with its connections to the Suez Canal and Turkey. Wiki

    Dock workers and truckers made a gesture, quickly got quiet exemptions, then back to business as usual.

    ==> Why didn’t others converge on that crucial port?

    All the enthusiastic speeches and bawdy songs in all the lovely cities of northern Italy, such spirit!
    All theater.

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