BBC reports on one of its own presenters who is confirmed to have died of the mRNA shot

This must have presented quite a dilemma for the Beeb. They appear to have worked around it by stressing the “rarity” of these events. That rhetorical device may not work much longer though, as more and more people will come to know vaxx damaged, and vaxx deceased. Even the most slavishly obedient to the authorities and the narrative will have to internally at least, begin to question that one.

Condolences to her family.

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    • At a guess, it is because 1. They had to make absolutely sure it was a vaccine caused death and no ambiguity there. But more likely 2. they like to wait a long time after an event so that emotions are not running high.

      That is a pattern I see with Islamic terror. They often wait till enough time has passed that there is no potential for an angry mob.

  1. “what is the association between blood clotting and certain covid-19 vaccines?

    some covid-19 vaccines are associated with an extremely rare syndrome known as vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (vitt). it was discovered in march 2021 in connection to the astrazeneca covid-19 vaccine and then later with the johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine. in rare cases, antibodies that the body produces as a side effect of the vaccine lead to uncontrolled activation of platelets. this causes both low platelet counts and blood clots to form in unusual areas. vitt is not associated with the moderna or pfizer-biontech mrna vaccines.

    according to the cdc, as of june 30, 2021, there have been 35 confirmed reports of vitt in connection to the j&j vaccine out of more than 12 million doses that have been administered in the u.s. in the united kingdom, there are more than 300 confirmed cases of vitt connected to the astrazeneca vaccine. although vitt is extremely rare, it is a serious and treatable condition. doctors now know how to recognize and treat vitt, and patients who receive the j&j vaccine are informed how to recognize its side effects.

    what are symptoms of vitt?
    symptoms of vitt include:

    severe or persistent headaches
    chest pain
    trouble breathing
    leg swelling/pain
    severe abdominal pain
    vision changes
    anyone experiencing these symptoms within four weeks of vaccination should contact their health care provider or seek immediate medical attention”

      • The incidence is somewhat higher.

        People said to have died of sudden cardiac arrest while gardening, jogging, etc. may have died of bee (or other critter) stings.

        (I used to threaten that I’d go to the Arboretum on Lilac Sunday – with perfume! – and without my bee-sting kit! – if my parents didn’t cave on something or other.)

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