Robert Malone, and OBGYN make extremely clear statements about what the mRNA injections ARE doing and will do: Links 2, December 30, 2021

1. The Netherlands is planning to give everyone six injections of experimental mRNA serum.

Hugo de Jonge, health minister of The Netherlands, has indicated the country could be preparing another three coronavirus booster vaccines.

De Jonge wrote a letter to his country’s parliament Wednesday suggesting the Netherlands should consider additional rounds of booster vaccines to fight new variants, with two of these in 2022 and another shot in 2023.

The letter also said that the Netherlands has enough booster vaccines for its current booster campaign.

In the letter, De Jonge wrote: “Certainly because only half of a regular vaccine is needed for a booster dose of Moderna, we now have sufficient vaccines for the current booster campaign and there is ample basis for possible extra booster rounds in the second quarter and the autumn of 2022 and in 2023.

The Netherlands has bought vaccine stock in bulk in order to avoid shortages.

2. Ontario inspectors to enforce ban on New Year’s midnight toasts at bars, restaurants

(If anyone is to explain how this is not about aufhaben der kultur, and is really about public health, they better do it with a Russian accent)

These establishments cannot sell alcohol after 10 p.m. and must close by 11 p.m.

The last call inspectors will be out on New Year’s Eve. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), which is responsible for enforcing booze rules at bars and restaurants, is sending out a team of compliance officials Friday night to ensure COVID-19 public health requirements are followed.

3. This is alleged to be why Robert Malone was banned from Twitter:

Whole interview:

4. Aboriginals set fire to Canberra Parliament House…

5. “And if you don’t, your gonna be held accountable

Thank you all for your attention during the most difficult times in post WW2 history.

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6 Replies to “Robert Malone, and OBGYN make extremely clear statements about what the mRNA injections ARE doing and will do: Links 2, December 30, 2021”

  1. DEC 30 2021 – QUEBEC – – Health Issues – CURFEW

    Starting from December 31, 2021: a curfew will be in effect between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. and certain health measures will be tightened throughout Québec

    […]Offenders are liable to fines ranging from $1 000 to $6 000 if they are unable to adequately justify why they are outside the home.

    Young people 14 years of age and over are subject to a $500 fine.

    […]To enable individuals who are travelling during the curfew because of their work to readily demonstrate that such travel is legitimate, employers are asked to complete the Employer Attestation Concerning Travel During the Curfew Decreed by the Gouvernement du Québec.

    download the attestation :

    Montreal Gazette – Quebec reinstates curfew, closes dining rooms, bans private gatherings as cases soar

    The new COVID restrictions take effect New Year’s Eve. “The situation is extreme,” Premier François Legault said when explaining new rules.

    […]Quebec continues to grapple with surging COVID-19 cases fuelled by the Omicron variant

    […]“Our experts tell us there’s a risk we won’t be able to treat all those who need it in the coming weeks,”

    […]we know there’s a minority who don’t respect the rules.”

    […]Places of worship will also need to close other than for funerals

    […]Quebec also announced plans to widen the use of vaccine passports, such as in stores

    […] There are currently 12,500 health-care employees absent from work, which is why the province recently announced it may bring staff who’ve come into contact with or contracted COVID-19 out of isolation .

    […]projections released on Thursday suggest Quebec could see anywhere between 1,600 and 2,100 hospitalizations within the next three weeks, and the number of people requiring intensive care could climb to between 300 and 375.

    “This (data) is really what permits us to clearly see and clearly read the situation,” Legault said Thursday.

  2. It’s really about all the coward’s in the world. You know who you are, you are the same people that are glued to the TV and blindly follow everything you hear and see there. You are so afraid of this co19 you will offer up your life and your children’s life for a experimental drug brought to you by a corrupt government and drug industry !! Educate yourself !! No you will gladly line up for your 6th jab. Even then you will have learned nothing !!

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