Canada and UK race for most authoritarian states using Covid: Links 2, December 25th, 2021

1. Canada secretly tracked 33 million phones during COVID-19 lockdown: report

(Hey! Canadian teens! Looking for a fun part time job? Why not become a Phone Walker! Join what should be the fastest growing form of employment for Canadian and other teens around the world! All you do is, pick up cell phones of people who want a little privacy from Big Brother, and go do what you normally do! Meet friends for coffee! Go shopping! Spend time with your friends or lovers and all you have to do to get paid $10.00 an hour for each phone you walk, is pick up the phone and drop it off! Think of it like a dog walker, except you don’t have to pick up any excrement or walk around in a park. Just do what you normally do and get paid! Think about it. You could carry 5 phones in your backpack and get FIFTY DOLLARS AN HOUR just for hanging out with your friends, who could also be phone walking! Website coming soon.)

Canada’s federal government admitted to secretly surveilling its population’s movements during the COVID-19 lockdown by tracking 33 million phones.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) clandestinely tracked the devices to assess “the public’s responsiveness during lockdown measures,” the agency acknowledged last week, according to Blacklock’s Reporter, which first reported the disclosure.

Canada’s entire population totals 38 million, according to Statistics Canada.

“Evidence is coming in from many sources, from countries around the world, that what was seen as a huge surveillance surge — post 9/11 — is now completely upstaged by pandemic surveillance,” David Lyon, author of “Pandemic Surveillance” and the former director of the Surveillance Studies Centre at Queen’s University in Ontario, told the National Post.

(This would likely be every single Canadian with a cell phone. The total population of Canada is around 38 million people, which includes children and the elderly who would not have a cell phone)

2. NY Times Editor Carlos Tejada, 49, Dies of Heart Attack a Day After Getting His Covid Booster Shot

Sad news is coming from the NY Times as Deputy Asia Editor Carlos Tejada has died from a heart attack. In their 700+ word article discussing his life and career, they mentioned how he died but omitted one extremely important detail.

Tejada, 49, received his booster shot the day before his death. Independent Journalist Alex Berenson reported on his Substack:

Carlos Tejada was married and had two children; he spent his career at the Wall Street Journal before joining the Times in 2016. In July, he received a Johnson & Johnson DNA/AAV Covid vaccine. He was thankful to get it, per his Instagram page.

(The NYT might learn, like all drug dealers do, that you should not use what you are selling. But they won’t learn not to sell it unless the narrative shifts for reasons that have nothing to do with seeking truth.)

3. Door-to-door Covid jab teams to be sent to homes of unvaccinated Britons in plans to reach five million yet to be inoculated

Door-to-door teams armed with Covid jabs will be sent to the homes of unvaccinated Britons in plans being considered by Ministers to reach the estimated five million people yet to be inoculated.

Discussions between the Department of Health, NHS England and No 10 over the past week have looked at a nationwide drive to send vaccine teams to areas with low uptake rates as a crucial way to avoid lockdown and other restrictions.

It is also seen as a way to get jabs to rural areas or households where people cannot easily get to a vaccination centre. One Cabinet Minister last night backed the plan, saying: ‘I think anything that encourages the vaccine-hesitant is sensible,’ before warning: ‘The mood in the country is hardening against people who refuse to be vaccinated.

(Oh is it now? Well what is another lie in a hay stack made of lies.)

4. NEW – 3 football players died of heart attacks in the last 5 days.

5. He has a point you know…

Thank you all and I hope you had a truly restful and brilliant Christmas with friends and family.

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  1. ITEM 1: The day they will knock on your door, step outside to talk to them. Be very nice and polite. Don’t go into a lengthy speech. Simply say that in view of all the vaxx injuries occurring, you will consider taking the vaxx when the manufacturer provides a liability clause.

    And if they offer to test you, say that you are willing to do so only if you can be allowed four tests within a four-hour timeframe to ensure a reliable result. You can cite Elon Musk as an example (4 times, same day, same nurse, same test kit = 2 positives, 2 negatives). They can come back every hour to do so.

    So smile and be nice with them. Many of them hate you.

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