British politician: ‘We broke your immune system with these mRNA shots, and now there’s nothing you can do about Omicron’

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4 Replies to “British politician: ‘We broke your immune system with these mRNA shots, and now there’s nothing you can do about Omicron’”

    • I just posted the same story. Yours didn’t show up when I did mine.

      That said, there is a mention of doctors saying 90% of Covid patients in ICU are unvaccinated. How many doctors are saying this? And we all know if the patient has Covid but is hospitalized for another issue, it becomes a Covid deal, and on and on we can go about the ‘vaccinated’ word.

    • So why should you be locked up stuuuups? You’re vaxxed and fully jabbed which means you are primne to catch c19 and spread it as well.

  1. Door-to-door Covid jab teams to be sent to homes of unvaccinated Britons in plans to reach five million yet to be inoculated

    Ministers plan to send Covid jabbers door-to-door to reach unvaccinated Brits
    The nationwide drive would see vaccine teams sent to areas with low uptake
    Doctors warned up to 90 per cent of Covid patients in ICU are not inoculated

    (Note: The previous last sentence can mean many things in today’s world of doctors.)

    Door-to-door jabs visits are already being trialled in one area of Ipswich, which led to an extra 150 people getting their first, second or booster jab in a weekend.

    Downing Street sources said the aim is to expand this to the rest of the country and try to reach the estimated five milllion unvaccinated.

    Dan Poulter, the Tory MP and NHS hospital doctor who has been doing shifts in London hospitals, welcomed the plan. He said: ‘In parts of London where there’s very low vaccine uptake, you’re bound to get a good uptake in jabs if you’re knocking on doors.

    ‘I think that would have a very positive effect in getting vaccination rates higher.’

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