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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. OXFORD STUDY SHOCKER: 1 in 100 Vaccinated Individuals Were Admitted to Hospital or Died with Arrhythmia During Study Period

    On December 14th, 2021, Nature Medicine released a study based on a broad population data set analyzed by researchers at Oxford University. The researchers examined the risks of myocarditis, pericarditis, and cardiac arrhythmias associated with COVID-19 vaccination and infection.

    The Oxford researchers reveal that 1 in 100 or 1% of all vaccinated individuals were admitted to the hospital or died with arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat.

    Of the 38,615,491 vaccinated individuals included in our study, 385,508 (1.0%) were admitted to hospital with or died from cardiac arrhythmia at any time in the study period (either before or after vaccination); 86,754 (0.2%) of these occurred in the 1-28?days after any dose of vaccine. Of those who were admitted or died 39,897 (10.3%) had a SARS-CoV-2 positive test, with 29,694 (7.7%) having a positive test before vaccination. There were 7,795 deaths with cardiac arrhythmia recorded as the cause of death (1,108 had a SARS-CoV-2 positive test).

    So 1 in 100 of the vaccinated individuals are going to the hospital with irregular heart beat and this isn’t international headlines?

  2. “Ontario Premier Doug Ford can’t get into his home due to anti-vaxx protesters outside: spokesperson”

    A spokesperson for Ontario Premier Doug Ford says he and his family can’t get into their home due to anti-vaccination protesters demonstrating outside.

    “The Premier and his family haven’t been able to get into their home for most of the weekend or today because anti-vaxxers have been protesting outside their house,” Ford spokesperson Ivana Yelich said in a tweet Monday evening.

    On Sunday, Toronto Police confirmed that demonstrators had gathered outside of the premier’s Etobicoke home to protest what appears to be Ontario’s vaccination strategy against COVID-19.

    In that tweet, a video of an unidentified woman in a vehicle can be seen before the camera swings to reveal a man who appears to be Premier Ford standing in the falling snow with a mask on.

    Another man, who is unseen in the video, can be heard asking the premier, “headed to the cottage… before the next lockdown?”

    Premier Ford responds by confirming that he is in fact heading to his cottage, before the woman says “that’s fun.”

    It’s unclear when or where the video was taken.

    CTV News Toronto has reached out to Yelich and the Ontario Liberal party for comment on the tweets but has yet to receive a response.

  3. Last night I drove by a local hockey rink. It has been turned into a big injection clinic. The parking lot was a traffic jam. If this is not yet peak mania, may the Creator help us.

    Lambs to slaughter, I thought. What gullible animals we are.

    Having attended the University of VTB one salient lesson reverberates: do not vaccinate into a pandemic.

  4. Here’s a weird one:

    If the librarian who did this was anti-Semitic, why would they reenact something that promotes empathy of the victims in the children? Isn’t the traditional anti-Semitic drone to deny it even happened? Or was the librarian using metaphor to illustrate our current situation? Something is definitely missing here. Regardless, it’s very strange.

  5. twitter @disclosetv

    JUST IN – Austria is looking for employees to “hunt down vaccine refusers” in light of the upcoming compulsory vaccination.


    Wegen Impfpflicht ab Februar

    Österreich sucht Angestellte, die Impf-Verweigerer jagen

    Wer sich in Österreich ab Februar 2022 nicht impfen lassen will, muss mit einer Busse rechnen. Dass die Strafen auch bezahlt werden, dafür sollen Angestellte sorgen. Deswegen wird jetzt nach Kontrolleuren gesucht.


  6. europravda – Better to cancel Christmas events than grieve later, warns WHO chief amid Omicron spread

    “An event cancelled is better than a life cancelled,” Tedros said on Monday, highlighting data suggesting Omicron spreads “significantly faster” than the Delta variant.

    • SCOTLAND – Nicola Sturgeon announces new restrictions to curb spread of Omicron variant

      First minister Nicola Sturgeon has imposed further social restrictions on the people of Scotland to curb the spread of the Omicron variant of coronavirus over Christmas.

      Football matches and other outdoor live events will be capped at 500 spectators for three weeks from 26 December to prevent them from becoming outbreak hotspots.

      Large New Year street parties, including Edinburgh’s famous Hogmanay celebration, will be cancelled, while numbers at concerts and other indoor events will be limited to 100 standing or 200 seated.

      “This will of course make sports matches, including football, effectively spectator-free over this three-week period,” said Ms Sturgeon.

      “I know how disappointing this will be for those looking forward to these events. Difficult though it is, please follow this advice over New Year – minimise Hogmanay socialising as much as you can.”

      • Just another advertisement against “we need more females in politics” They are at least as bad as their male counterparts and usually, like them, revert to the first profession which I think was (whoring ? ie going to the highest bidder?)…

        just a few broom-riders I am thinking of:

        Merkel, Clinton, van der Leyen, Christine Lagarde, Precresse (in the race for the 2022 French Presidential Election – fake conservative – running against Zemmour) – Ardern (NZ) , the Premier of Queensland, Palacechuck (miss spelled….but that’s another story) Kamela whatshername, the first “black” [sic] US vice president….there are more …but I feel sick already. So I stop.

        Happy Christmast, Martin. X

    • Lauterbach : Germany on booster offensive to stop omicron

      Germany is scrambling to procure more vaccine to fuel what the new health minister on Thursday called a “very offensive and fast booster strategy” that would leave the country well-prepared for the onslaught of the new omicron variant.

      Germany on Wednesday administered nearly 1.5 million shots, its highest one-day total so far.

      As its vaccination campaign has revved back up, an average of some 988,000 people per day have been vaccinated over the past week.

      The proportion of Germany’s population of 83 million that has been fully vaccinated now stands at 70% — a number that officials, who had set a minimum target of 75%, aren’t satisfied with.

      And 27.6% also have received a booster shot, a figure that is rising quickly.

      Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said that with its aggressive strategy, Germany will try “to keep the omicron variant as small as possible to avoid overloading the health system and possibly society as a whole.”

      But Lauterbach told reporters he wasn’t satisfied with an inventory of vaccine delivery plans for the rest of December and next year’s first quarter after he took office last week in the new government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, arguing he needed more.

      Under those delivery numbers, he said the booster campaign would take until the end of March to complete.

      “We can’t work with that,” Lauterbach said.

      He said his ministry launched efforts to remedy that on Saturday and has secured the European Union’s approval to get the delivery of 35 million doses from Moderna moved forward.

      Lauterbach said he is negotiating with other countries, including Romania, Poland, Portugal and Bulgaria to secure more vaccine.

      Germany also hopes to get doses of the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine that have been adapted to the omicron variant in the first quarter.

      Omicron hasn’t yet become a major factor in Germany but the country is only now seeing a wave of infections caused by the still-dominant delta variant, its biggest so far, recede slowly.

      Lothar Wieler, the head of the Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s disease control centre, said that “a few hundred cases” of omicron have been registered so far, and it has been found in all 16 German states.

      In the morning about 40 people protested in front of the North Rhine-Westphalia parliament in Duesseldorf against vaccines for children and mandatory vaccinations.

      • VOA – Protesters Clash with Police Over Vaccine Mandates in Germany

        Around 3,000 protesters clashed with police in the German city of Magdeburg, Monday, December 20, at an unsanctioned demonstration against vaccination measures.

        Germany has banned larger gatherings, especially those with unvaccinated people.

        Demonstrations have been ongoing throughout Germany for weeks, as unvaccinated people gather for what they call “walks,” in order to avoid the “gathering” designation.

        Chancellor Olaf Scholz and governors are set to discuss new possible restrictions after Christmas as omicron variant fears rise.

    • Avi Barak My speech in the world wide rally for freedom. Tel Aviv.

      This is my speech on Nov 27, 2021 at “Habima” squareTel Aviv, as part of the world wide rally for freedom.
      If you agree with my words, please share this as far as you can.

      • I just watched a Dec.18 clip of Shin Bet using water-cannon against farrr-rrright-wing Israeli teens.

        They were protesting the string of terrorist attacks over the last few weeks by incited, suicidal Pali teenagers. Police, media don't seem to care.

        I can't share the clip, but it's real. WHAT is going on??

      • Yes, Prime Minister

        Yes, prime minister, you know this about the settlers. You know it, as well, about the PA, which … lauded Bar Lev for presenting the “first official recognition” of “settler violence,” and called on more Israeli ministers to “condemn and oppose settler terrorism and attacks on Palestinians….”

        Not all settlers are violent, but there is a great deal of violence that originates in the settlements. Anyone who ignores this problem, and the need to deal with it, encourages it.

        Yes, Prime Minister, you’re familiar with Frej. He’s the minister who last month led Israel’s delegation to the biannual gathering of PA donor countries in Oslo, where he did some fundraising for the leadership in Ramallah….

        Frej is also the guy who accompanied Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz {spit} on a pilgrimage to Ramallah in October to suck up to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas…

        [To] assure the terrorist-in-a-tie that the left-wing members of the Israeli government were on a mission to “keep the two-state solution alive…. We believe that there’s no room for unilateral measures… No new settlements, no illegal outposts, and no violence by extremists among the settlers.”

        Yes, prime minister, though you are cognizant … it’s a concoction that you yourself contrived.

        The “settlers in Judea and Samaria [who] have been suffering from violence and terrorism, daily, for decades” – many of whom voted for your party – aren’t thanking you for your lip service….

        • The authorities let this guy talk while canon-hosing peaceful protesters? How about you say anything right to get people to follow as you lead them astray?

          I person’s history must be examined before they qualify as bonafide opposition. Otherwise every second wasted on them may be found to have been more precious than we knew.

          If we consider opposition as a finite mass within a population, or opposition capital, is it not reasonable that an effective counter to it could be to reduce it by diffusion, pollution, leakage and, via controlled opposition, malinvestment?

  7. A message to the American people from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

    “Dear American people, Dear friends, For two years now, a global coup has been carried out all over the world, planned for some time by an elite group of Conspirators enslaved to the interests of the international high finance. This coup was made possible by an emergency pandemic that is based on the premise of a virus that has a mortality rate almost analogous to that of any other seasonal flu virus, on the delegitimization and prohibition of effective treatments, and on the distribution of an experimental gene serum which is obviously ineffective and which also clearly carries with it the danger of serious and even lethal side effects.”

    • bloomberg – Biden to Send 500 Million Free Tests to Aid Omicron Shortage

      President Joe Biden will send 500 million free coronavirus tests to Americans’ homes beginning next month and dispatch the military to shore up overwhelmed hospitals as the U.S. confronts a resurgent pandemic.

      Biden will announce new measures to try to curb the virus on Tuesday, the day after the CDC said the omicron variant first identified in southern Africa now accounts for most new U.S. cases. He aims to boost testing, hospital care and vaccinations without any new lockdowns or closings.

      He’ll also deliver a stark warning to the unvaccinated, a senior administration official said, telling them that they risk serious disease or deathwhile assuring Americans who’ve gotten their shots that they can safely gather with their families over the holidays.

    • zero hedge – FDA Prepared To Authorize Merck, Pfizer Pills Imminently

      Just in time for President Biden to make his big speech Tuesday evening, the FDA has just confirmed that it plans to authorize the Merck and Pfizer pills, which have proven reasonably successful at suppressing serious COVID symptoms in potentially high-risk patients. They could be authorized before Wednesday, meaning the approval will likely come with days to spare before the Christmas holiday.

      Three senior administration officials leaked the news to Bloomberg, which called it a “milestone” in the fight against the pandemic.

      It comes in combination with the rollout of the president’s new COVID-fighting agenda, which is centered on distributing 500M rapid COVID tests.

      Shares in Pfizer and Merck traded lower on the day despite the news, though they have bounced off their lows for the trading day.

      Pfizer’s pill, Paxlovid, and Merck’s molnupiravir are intended for higher-risk people who test positive for COVID. The course of treatment involves a series of pills at home over several days. The Administration is pinning its hopes on the likelihood that the drugs will help further reduce the hospitalization and death rates compared with last year.

      “It’s the biggest thing to happen in the pandemic after vaccines,” said Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute.

      The timing of the announcement, coming so late in the year, is unusual for the FDA, reflecting the “urgency” of the situation, Topol added.

      The news isn’t unexpected.

      An FDA advisory committee narrowly recommended the Merck pill last month, with some members of the panel raising concerns about the safety profile of the drugs, particularly for pregnant women, seen as a vulnerable population.

      The US government has already ordered 10M courses of the Pfizer pill and about 3M courses of the Merck drug, which isn’t as effective, according to the available clinical data. Notably, none of the patients treated with the drugs so far in the studies have died.


      bloomberg – Biden to Send 500 Million Free Tests to Homes as Omicron Surges


      FACT SHEET: President Biden Announces New Actions to Protect Americans and Help Communities and Hospitals Battle Omicron

      DECEMBER 21, 2021


      Today, President Biden will announce new actions to protect Americans and help communities and hospitals battle Omicron, building on the robust plan he announced earlier this month to get people maximum protection ahead of the winter and prepare for rising cases driven by the new variant.

      We know how to protect people from severe illness, we have the tools needed to do it, and thanks to the President’s Winter Plan, we are ready: 73% of adult Americans are fully vaccinated—up from less than 1 percent before the President took office—and we are getting about 1 million booster shots in arms each day. Vaccines are free and readily available at 90,000 convenient locations. There is clear guidance on masking and other measures that help slow the spread of COVID-19. And, federal emergency medical teams are ready to respond to surges nationwide.

      Our vaccines are the most powerful tools we have—they work to protect people from serious illness and death, and boosters provide people optimal protection. While cases among vaccinated individuals will likely increase due to the more transmissible Omicron, evidence to date is that their cases will most likely be mild. In contrast, unvaccinated individuals are at high risk of getting COVID-19, getting severely ill, and even dying.

      Today’s actions will mitigate the impact unvaccinated individuals have on our health care system, while increasing access to free testing and getting more shots in arms to keep people safe and our schools and economy open.

      Today, President Biden will announce the following actions:

      Increased Support for Hospitals: The President will take several steps to ensure states and health systems across the country have the personnel, beds, and supplies they need as they battle rising Omicron hospitalizations, MOSTLY AMONG THE UNVACCINATED. Today’s steps build on the President’s Winter Plan, which made over 60 Winter COVID-19 emergency response team deployments available to states, and the COVID-19 Surge Response Teams the Administration mobilized over the summer and fall to fight the Delta surge.

      Deploying Additional Medical Personnel

      Mobilizing an Additional 1,000 Troops to Deploy to COVID-Burdened Hospitals: The President is directing Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to ready an additional 1,000 service members—military doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other medical personnel—to deploy to hospitals during January and February, as needed.

      Deploying Federal Medical Personnel Available to States Immediately: The President is announcing that six emergency response teams—with more than 100 clinical personnel and paramedics—are deploying to six states now: Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Arizona, New Hampshire and Vermont. This is on top of the 300 federal medical personnel that we have deployed since we learned about Omicron.

      Expanding Hospital Capacity

      Activating FEMA Response Teams to Help States and Hospitals Add Capacity Now: The President is directing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to activate additional staffing and capacity for the National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) and FEMA regions, and to mobilize planning teams to work with every state and territory to assess hospital needs ahead of winter surges, and to start expanding hospital bed capacity now—with the federal government paying for all of it. The Administration is also pre-positioning the federal government’s own supplies and resources to help make more beds available.

      Providing Ongoing Support to States to Help Hospitals Create and License More Beds: FEMA has already provided states hundreds of millions of dollars to expand hospital capacity. This includes two new medical surge facilities in Shreveport, Louisiana, added beds for COVID-19 patients in Baltimore, Maryland, and expanded intensive care units and emergency departments in Fresno, California.

      Deploying Hundreds of Ambulances and Emergency Medical Teams to Transport Patients to Open Beds: To get ahead of surges, FEMA is ready to deploy hundreds of ambulances and emergency medical teams so that if one hospital fills up, they can transport patients to open beds in other facilities. Just this week, 30 paramedics are heading to New Hampshire, 30 to Vermont, and 20 to Arizona, and 30 ambulances are headed to New York and 8 to Maine. The Administration is also continuing to provide 100 percent federal reimbursement to states for all COVID-19 emergency response costs.
      Providing Critical Supplies

      Pre-Positioning Critical Supplies from the Strategic National Stockpile: Thanks to the President’s leadership, the U.S. government has hundreds of millions of N-95 masks, billions of gloves, tens of millions of gowns, and over 100,000 ventilators in the Strategic National Stockpile—all ready to ship out if and when states need them. The Administration has pre-positioned these supplies in strategic locations across the United States so that we can send them to states that need them immediately.

      Deploying Ventilators to States: HHS continues to expedite the deployment of ventilators to states. Just last week, the Administration sent 330 ventilators to states like Indiana, Michigan, Maine, and New Hampshire, with more planned deliveries on the way to states that are facing strains and need them.

      Robust Access to Free Testing: The President will announce new actions to ensure Americans have access to free testing, including convenient, at-home tests. Since January 2021, the Administration has already taken significant actions to increase testing. As a result, there are now 20,000 free testing sites across the U.S., four times as many at-home tests available to Americans than were available this summer, and at-home tests being made available at key community sites, such as community health centers and rural clinics. Today’s steps build on this progress and further increase the availability of free and convenient testing options.

      Standing up New Federal Testing Sites: Today, the President is announcing that new federal testing sites will be stood up around the country, helping states that need additional testing capacity. The first will be stood up in New York City this week.

      Distributing Free, Rapid Tests to Americans: Today, the President is announcing his Administration will purchase a half-billion at-home, rapid tests this winter to be distributed for free to Americans who want them, with the initial delivery starting in January 2022. The Administration will stand up a website where Americans can go to get at-home tests delivered to their home—for free.

      Utilizing the Defense Production Act to Further Accelerate Production: The President is pledging to continue using the Defense Production Act (DPA) and other authorities to make sure the U.S. is producing as many tests as quickly as possible. Through the President’s aggressive actions this summer, including use of the DPA, the Administration has already quadrupled the monthly supply of at-home, rapid tests in the U.S. The Administration will continue to use the DPA to accelerate production; just in the last week, the Administration used DPA to ensure that two testing manufacturers have the raw materials and equipment they need to produce as many tests as they can—enabling one company to double its production of lab-based tests, and another to rapidly to scale up production of new over-the-counter and point-of-care tests.

      Expanding Capacity to Get Shots in Arms: President Biden will announce additional steps to ensure people can get vaccinated and boosted and get their kids vaccinated easily this winter. Over the fall, the Administration has added 10,000 more vaccination sites across the country where Americans can get their shots. There are now 90,000 convenient locations nationwide, with many sites offering walk-in appointments and vaccinations for the whole family.

      Standing Up New Pop-Up Vaccination Clinics: The President will announce that FEMA is standing up new pop-up vaccination clinics across the country. This includes a new mobile unit in Washington, and four new mobile units across New Mexico that are opening today. FEMA will help stand up additional sites in areas of high demand over the coming weeks.

      Deploying Additional Vaccinators: To further increase capacity, the Biden Administration is deploying hundreds of federal vaccinators across 12 states, Tribes and territories. Together, these vaccinators will help enable thousands of additional appointments over the next few weeks.

      Allowing Flexibility to Surge Pharmacy Teams: In response to strong demand for vaccinations in communities across the country, the Administration will cut red tape to help surge pharmacy teams to places where there is higher demand. To do so, HHS will issue an amendment to the PREP Act Declaration allowing flexibility for pharmacists and pharmacy interns to administer a wider set of vaccinations across state lines.

      Continuing to Scale Pharmacy Capacity: Nationwide, pharmacies are adding appointments and capacity across their network. Pharmacy partners have taken steps to surge capacity, including by hiring tens of additional clinical and operational staff nationwide. And, pharmacies are opening up hundreds of new vaccination sites for kids in January.

    • Quebec in talks over possible vaccination help from Canadian Armed Forces


      Quebec calls for help from the Canadian Armed Forces to vaccinate

      According to our sources in Quebec and Ottawa, the request was sent on Monday. It was Public Safety Canada who received it and who was supposed to share it with the Armed Forces. An answer could arrive this Tuesday. If it is positive, the military should not be deployed until the beginning of January.

      In addition to the army, Quebec would also have requested the assistance of all federal employees available and qualified to help with the vaccination. The province wants to speed up the administration of a third dose of vaccine as much as possible to protect the most vulnerable populations and healthcare workers against the Omicron variant.

      During the phone call, the government of Quebec even mentioned the possibility of asking the military to act elsewhere than in the vaccination centers, if ever pressing needs were to arise in the network.

      […]“Limited” medical resources to offer
      According to our sources, the army does not have a lot of medical resources to offer. To administer vaccines, Quebec hopes to tap into the fifty or so professions and specialties of the Forces Health Services Group.

      Among those who can vaccinate, we can think of army doctors, nursing officers, dentists, physiotherapy officers, pharmacists.

      One of the challenges will also be to share these resources, because according to our information, at least one other province has made a similar request.


      CBC – COVID-19 in Quebec: What you need to know Tuesday


    • CBC -Canadians face delays for PCR and rapid COVID-19 tests

      Canadians are facing lengthy delays for both PCR and rapid tests for COVID-19 as Omicron cases spike across the country.

      And while some provinces are distributing free take-home tests, there aren’t enough to go around.

    • CBC – Provinces scramble to distribute COVID-19 boosters

      “… in line for hours in the cold ….”

      Provinces are scrambling to distribute COVID-19 boosters, as some people report having to wait months for their next vaccine dose.

      Ottawa says the problem isn’t vaccine supply – it’s provincial vaccine infrastructure.

    • CBC – Pharmacists scrambling to meet COVID-19 booster demand

      Pharmacist Jon Nhan says he doesn’t think it is feasible for pharmacies to bear the brunt of the vaccine rollout and he wishes there was more communication between pharmacies and the government.

    • CBC – Coronavirus numbers much higher than recorded, say experts

      Epidemiologists Dr. Peter Jüni and the U.K.’s John Edmunds say the number of COVID-19 cases is vastly undercounted.

      They also say global co-operation among experts is helping inform them faster about the rapidly evolving coronavirus.

    • CBC – Montreal declares STATE OF EMERGENCY over surge in Omicron cases

      … in an effort to curb the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

    • city news – Should Albertans be switching from surgical masks to KN95s?

      Albertans are rushing to buy KN95 masks from big box stores and online retailers as Omicron sweeps the nation.

      Sarah Chew finds out why an infection control epidemiologist thinks KN95s should be the public’s new norm.

    • city news – W.H.O. warns Omicron ‘storm’ is coming to Europe

      More restrictions are coming to more countries as Omicron tightens its grip on Europe. Melissa Duggan on preparations for a second pandemic Christmas.

    • global news – Doug Ford can’t get into his home due to anti-vaccine protesters, spokesperson says

      Doug Ford and his family haven’t been able to get into their house for most of the weekend or Monday due to anti-vaccine protesters outside their home.

  8. A senior German Cardinal , Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, has warned that the likes of Bill Gates, George Soros, and Davis Economic Forum head, Klaus Schwab, are using the coronavirus pandemic to force the world under “total control” of the globalist “ super- rich elites”.

    Cardinal Mueller also serves as a high-ranking judge at the Vatican Court, made these comments during an interview with Austria’s St. Boniface Institute. “People who sit on the throne of their wealth, are seizing an “ opportunity to push through their agenda”.

    “The pandemic has led to “chaos and turmoil” in part due to the elites wanting to “snatch an opportunity to bring the people in line” via a Global surveillance state”.

    Cardinal Mueller also warned globalists are making efforts to bring “a new man” into the world, created in their own image and likeness. That has nothing too do with democracy.”

    The German media immediately jumped on the conspiracy theory, Der Spiegel, who receives millions from Bill Gates suggested his comments could also be anti-semitic.

  9. Cardinal Raymond Burke, one of the most powerful Catholics in the US, gave a homily in which he savaged “secular forces” who want to “make us slaves” to their Godless and murderous agenda.

  10. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

    “We see heads of nations and religious leaders pandering to this suicide of Western culture and its Christian soul, while the fundamental rights of citizens and believers are denied in the name of health emergency that is revealing itself more and more fully as an instrumental to the establishment of an inhuman faceless tyranny..

    The Great Reset sought to inflict “ the imposition of liberticidal measures, ensuring a universal income and cancelling individual debt.”

  11. Cardinal Robert Sarah also has warned that Christianity is on the decline and Western society is “lost” because if we cut from God, we are lost and God is silent.

    western civilization is in a profound state of decadence and ruin due to people’s obsession with materialism and that the situation is similar to right before the collapse of the Roman Empire.

    The elites care for nothing by increasing the luxury of their daily lives, the people have been anaesthetized by more vulgar entertainments.”

  12. Op-Ed: The Conflict Around Ukraine: a Tragedy of Mistranslation

    Those unfamiliar with the former Soviet states have struggled to understand why Russian President Vladimir Putin would decide to launch a war against his Slavic neighbors in Ukraine…

    Russia has a foreign policy that is relatively linear – once you understand the “logic” that the Kremlin uses. The reasoning that Putin uses when discussing how he will “defend” Russia is based on an interpretation of the West that differs entirely from how a western-educated person would understand the modern world – and modernity. The scars of battles from centuries ago taught the Tsars and Putin the importance of having “buffer zones” that act as battle lands, thwarting a western incursion before it could reach Moscow.

    Ukraine – which means the rough equivalent of “borderland” – is a country that Russia has historically considered to be part of its territories. Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, the three eastern Slavic countries and most important Republics of the Soviet Union, are viewed by Putin as being part of Russia’s historic lands and identity.

    The Russian’s historic memory is that Slavic peoples were converted to Eastern Orthodoxy in 988 when Kyivan Rus (a medieval state with its center in Kyiv), was baptized. Putin’s June 2021 missive on the subject succinctly lays out his view that the historic closeness between Ukraine and Russia is so immediate that Ukraine’s future is inherently tied to Russia.…

    The article is good.

    • Israel must prepare for a wave of Ukrainian and Russian olim

      Israel must immediately prepare to absorb a wave of olim should Russia invade Ukraine.

      American intelligence agencies warn that Moscow is positioning 100 battalion tactical groups along Ukraine’s borders for a possible major offensive in early 2022…

      Unlike the 2014 war, which only witnessed violence in small pockets of Ukraine’s eastern frontier, a full-scale invasion guarantees a refugee crisis.

      According to the American Jewish Year Book 2019, approximately 200,000 Ukrainians are eligible to make aliyah under the Law of Return. Although most neither identify as Jews nor are halachically Jewish, tens of thousands seeking refuge might apply for Israeli citizenship.

      Simultaneously, severe Western sanctions could motivate some of the 600,000 Russian citizens eligible for aliyah, also mostly non-Jews…. [A]ny Russo-Ukrainian war would precipitate a Russian financial meltdown….

      Whether Bennett’s government decides that accepting a wave of halachically non-Jewish Ukrainian and Russian olim is desirable or not, it must prepare for a refugee crisis that could materialize within weeks. That entails immediately allocating extra funds for immigrant absorption, or at the other extreme, rephrasing the Law of Return.

        • “…Russian financial meltdown…”

          Not so sure about that. The Russkis have been stacking hard and fast for some years in prep for de-dollarization, which will likely be accompanied by a gigantic move higher for pm’s.

  13. Vlad’s Wagner

    From the editors: As the Kyiv Post reported on Dec. 14 the European Union imposed restrictive measures against the Wagner Group, a private military corporation that has been named as being among the Russian illegal occupation and invasion forces in Ukraine’s Donbas and Crimea. This year a major scandal – Wagnergate – broke out in Ukraine concerning the handling of a secret plan made by Ukrainian security forces to lure a group of Wagner fighters into their hands.

    Diane Francis looks at the broader details about the notorious Russian Wagner “private” army…

  14. Op-Ed: What Would Happen to Ukraine’s Economy if Russia Invades in Force

    Russian troops are massing at the Ukrainian border. Western leaders and intelligence officials are issuing warnings and threatening sanctions. The Ukrainian public, politicians and the media are alarmed, while the army prepares to defend the country.

    [bottomline] “Eurasia is already beset by the energy crisis. Rising inflation has by now hit the whole world. China’s huge construction sector companies’ defaults have created fears in major financial markets. In short, there is potential for a major economic or financial crisis in the world, though we can never be sure in advance when exactly it will hit.

    “Such a crisis would automatically make Ukraine’s economic position much more vulnerable. The NBU reserves and foreign aid would have to be spent on keeping the economy afloat. The real sector, dependent on exports, would be in a much worse shape simply due to the global situation. In these conditions, it might be enough for the Russians to create a military disturbance – without occupying any major areas – for Ukraine to suffer a significant economic crisis.

    “Perhaps that’s the kind of opportunity the Russians are going to be looking for. It’s important for Ukrainian and Western leaders to understand this strategy and to counter it by strengthening the country’s economic resilience. Intensifying reforms and improving the investment climate in Ukraine is a good way to achieve this.”

  15. A treat! Full-length feature!

    The experiences of Jews forced to leave Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco and Iran are told in a new documentary, ‘L’Exode Silencieux’.

    The film , which is 56 minutes long in its full version, was made by the Communauté Sépharade Unifiée du Quebec and the Montreal Consulate of Israel to mark the 30 November annual commemoration of the exodus of more than 850,000 Jews from Arab countries and Iran. It begins by describing the comfortable lives of these middle class Jews. Attitudes towards them changed over time, with the rise of pan-Arabism and repercussions of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Many left with nothing.

    Some acknowledge that they were refugees, but never enjoyed the rights of refugees. However, one speaker, Abraham Elarar, objects to describing Moroccan Jews as refugees : he says they left for economic reasons or Zionism.

    On the other hand, the historian Georges Bensoussan says that they left out of fear and therefore the word ‘refugee’ could apply to almost all Jews who left the Arab world.

    While conditions did vary from country to country, there is no hope of reconciliation while Arab countries distort their own history, Bensoussan claims.

    For the first time, Sylvain Abitbol of Justice for Jews from Arab Countries (JJAC) discloses that JJAC appointed the accountancy firm Baker Tilly to carry out an assessment of lost Jewish property and assets. The total value is estimated to be between $300 and $330 billion while the Palestinian losses are estimated to total $30 billion.

    L’EXODE SILENCIEUX- Documentary-Silent Exodus – Full Length

  16. DC 3rd graders made to reenact Holocaust ‘because Jews ruined Christmas’

    A staff member at a Washington DC school has been suspended after making third-grade children reenact scenes from the Holocaust, including getting them to pretend to dig mass graves and shoot victims, and telling them the Germans were angry “because the Jews ruined Christmas,” parents and officials said Sunday.

  17. What the public doesn’t know about an attack on Iran

    For the last six months, the IDF has been working feverishly to prepare for a possible attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. It entails incredibly complex strategic and diplomatic planning, along with preparations for possible responses from Iran, Hezbollah, and Gaza.

    Long, sobering read.
    Neither the current Israeli coalition govt nor the diplomatic “correlation of forces” inspires much confidence. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going…
    …but, but - what about Omicron?!

  18. >>>>>>>Water cannons in Israel deployed against vaxx protesters?
    Or was that about something else?<<<<<<

    Police arrest 13 at Jerusalem protest calling for government action against attacks

    Dozens of right-wing protesters gathered at the entrance to Jerusalem on Saturday evening calling on the Israeli government to take action following a series of Palestinian terror attacks in recent weeks, including a deadly shooting in the West Bank Thursday that claimed the life of a 25-year-old yeshiva student.

    Police said they arrested 13 people for disorderly conduct, including one person who was carrying “weapons.” According to Ynet, these included a knife and brass knuckles.

    In footage from the demonstration Saturday, police can be seen using a water cannon to disperse some protesters, whom they said were trying to block a highway. One person was lightly hurt, medics said.

    In one video from the scene, some of the protesters — mainly Jewish youths — can be heard chanting “death to Arabs,” while waving Israeli flags.

    The protest Saturday came hours after a 38-year-old man was lightly hurt when he was stabbed at a checkpoint close to the Tomb of the Patriarchs in the West Bank city of Hebron by an elderly Palestinian woman.

    The victim, a resident of the Kiryat Arba settlement, struggled with the Palestinian attacker before Israeli troops subdued her without opening fire, police said in a statement.

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