Switzerland moves back to democracy while Ontario crushes it like a bug: Links 2, December 17, 2021

1. Yet ANOTHER ER doctor blows the whistle on vaxx damage

2. Ontario outlines long list of COVID-19 restrictions in public and private settings.

Ford explains how to stop an unstoppable force, we have to become a people without any bodily autonomy or personal freedoms. Vladimir Lenin’s mini-me explains

Sneak preview of next Christmas:

3. Switzerland will hold referendum on outlawing the introduction of mandatory vaccinations

Switzerland is set to hold a referendum on whether all mandatory vaccinations should be banned.

The Swiss Freedom Movement (MLS) association collected 125,000 signatures, 25,000 more than required, to trigger the vote.

While mandatory vaccinations are not in place at the moment, they are currently allowed in Swiss law and the incoming president has said he would consider their use. MLS is calling for the Swiss Constitution to be amended to include the fundamental right of each citizen to decide for themselves whether to be injected or implanted by anything. 

(Switzerland may be the last truly democratic state left, where democracy means voting on laws by the people. This makes them a threat to tyrants. After all, Gessler, his hat, and William Tell etc. It would not surprise us therefore, if somehow Soros managed to fund and rig a plebiscite to end the use of plebiscites in Switzerland. Japan also recently passed some amazing legislation along similar lines in terms of ending the forcing vaccines on people)

4. Brooklyn Nets to bring back Kyrie Irving for road games outside New York, Toronto

The Brooklyn Nets are bringing back All-Star guard Kyrie Irving as a part-time player for games outside of New York and Toronto, the team announced Friday.

Irving, who has been unwilling to satisfy New York City mandates and become vaccinated to play in home games or road games at Madison Square Garden, will be eligible to play in select road games once he is able to pass a series of COVID-19 tests and get back into shape, sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The unfolding circumstances of Brooklyn’s season — injuries, seven players including James Harden lost to health and safety protocols and an inordinate minutes load on Kevin Durant, who won’t play Saturday against Orlando due to right ankle soreness — led the team to the move.

You know what he did right?

5. Catherine Austin Fitts: Not the first time plagues have been used to establish totalitarian control

Thank you M., Sassy, Yucki, ML., MissPiggy, HeHa, and MANY more who have been steadfast and determined this week.

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