Next US election, and more vaccinated deaths while Boris scares the children: Links 1, December 13, 2021

1. How well does the vaxx and boosters work? In the UK, the FULLY VAXXED now have to take a Covid test every day for a week if they come in contact with a Covid patient.

The Government has announced that those who are fully vaccinated should take a daily lateral flow test for seven days if they come into contact with a COVID-19 case. Meanwhile unvaccinated adults must continue to self-isolate for 10 days if they are a contact of someone with COVID.

(And yet it doesn’t occur to any of these brainwashed masses to even ask if or how this reflects on the vaccines.)

2. The Atlantic has already started to create the narrative that dissatisfied Americans who would vote for Trump in 2024 is actually a coup.

3. Berenson’s Substack: New data shows that Omicron is probably the ANSWER to the ‘Pandemic’ not a concern. It is so mild, that its effectively the Cow pox to the small pox, the very origins of vaccines themselves.

In case you weren’t reading the stack last night, these two charts will tell you all you need to know. Covid cases have completely decoupled from deaths in South Africa in the last month.

Cases are on the verge of setting an all-time high.

4. San Diego man, double injected plus booster, infected with “omicron”

5. Boris Johnson publishes his graduate video for drama school

(Boris manages to spin ‘there’s a cold going around’ into a national emergency requiring additional and continued loss of the most basic of human rights and freedoms. Not to mention it means you MUST get more Fauci sauce into your system, and overwhelm the NHS. Remember when they arrested a nurse for filming hospitals that were underwhelmed?)

Thank you M., Johnny U., EB., ET., FAM., and many many more who worked hard over the weekend to try and make sense of this stage of our altered reality.



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5 Replies to “Next US election, and more vaccinated deaths while Boris scares the children: Links 1, December 13, 2021”

  1. Hillary: Trump Winning 2024 Election Could Be ‘End Of Democracy’

    Hillary discuss the possibility of former President Donald Trump running for reelection.

    Hillary predicted dire outcomes if he ran again , and revealed the guilt she carries for losing the 2016 presidential race.

  2. Re Item 2) The notion that a coup would be staged in 2024 may be a ploy to prepare the electorate for tanks on the street to defend the next stolen election. Let’s Go Brandon, 2024!

  3. I’m in the UK. Not vaxed,never tested. Won’t be and never will. There are alot of people double jabbed waking up to this nonsense. Saying they will not get the booster. Even if it is just another 10% added to the vaccine free then it will be worrying the Government. Hold the line. Do not comply. This shit has a long way to go and it is slowly unravelling.

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