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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Doctors for COVID Ethics
    Video – Gold Standard Covid Science in Practice:
    Interdisciplinary Symposium II, December 10, 2021

    Doctors for Covid Ethics: An Interdisciplinary Symposium II – Sounding the Call
    UK Column – Published December 10, 2021
    1:11:02 Session II – Global Coup d’état – Catherine Austin Fitts
    Dr. Michael Yeadon, Brian Gerrish, Dr. Pierce Robinson & Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

  2. I’ve been watching the series Dopesick with Michael Keaton and some other good actors. What a great show. Vlad recommended it not long ago, and I must agree with him.

    Based on a non-fiction book by Beth Macy, it is a fictionalized account of drug dealers, doctors and drug companies addicting America to OxyContin. I have not yet watched every episode, but we know not everything in this series is fictionalized; the criminality of big pharma has been proven in court.

    But how can a whole health care infrastructure become corrupted into doing harm beneath our very noses? Watch this series to get an idea, and draw your own parallels to today’s nightmare. But for me this isn’t even the most interesting aspect of this series.

    You are the wrong audience for Dopesick because you are here. Of course, getting a glimpse into the machinations the show offers is educational for all. However it is for those who support the mandating of mRNA injections who should watch it, because all the attempts by the Lancet to redeem itself by publishing truthful articles won’t snap these people out of their trance. (Perhaps this point, itself, is a revelation.) Yuri Bezmenov is branded in the minds of many here, and for good reason. He explained how well brainwashing prevents people from seeing the obvious, no matter what. Even my childrens’ doctor described herself as an mRNA injection fanatic. Why should I let such a person near my children after such an admission?

    Well, if facts don’t work well against the brainwashed, what about fiction? When every offer of validated proof that we are experiencing an existential crisis (and I’m not talking about the Wuhan flu) is dismissed as propaganda, how to penetrate the mind of the lost? Maybe fiction is a more effective deprogrammer because people have their guard down. They are seduced by the softer sell. Hard facts only seem to raise hackles. Where is that information from? Why haven’t I heard that? The notion that a complete infrastructure is rotten is inimaginable, and so is dismissed out of hand, and out of mind.

    Of the deluge of ironies offered up daily by the universe (this morning was the peak of the Gemini meteor showers) maybe we have another here: it isn’t the truth that sets us free, always, but sometimes the fictionalized truth.

    When your government dresses up loathing as love you know that Dopesick is more a working title for that government’s addiction to power, and not peoples’ withdrawl symptoms from opioids.

  3. Gang rapes of peace in the Netherlands. From 2019, perps were sentenced recently.
    One of them is called Faycal J., another Haider A, the rest have western names.
    They later tried to silence the girls through intimidation.

    Sentences up to 4 years for gang rapes in Den Bosch
    The Public Prosecution Service has demanded prison sentences of up to four years at the court in Den Bosch, one of which is conditional against five men from Den Bosch and Rosmalen. Justice finds them guilty in the notorious case about the Bossche gang rapes, in which girls were allegedly drugged first.
    The officer finds it proven that they were guilty of the gang rape of a girl of just 15 in April 2019. The highest demand was for Faycal J. (21) from Rosmalen. He is also allegedly guilty of raping another 15-year-old girl in January 2019.
    On Wednesday, the then 17-year-old main suspect was already demanded two years in prison, of which eight months were suspended. The six suspects, now 20 to 26 years old, were arrested in December 2019. The rapes are said to have happened in a bedroom above the ‘chilling room’ in the garage of the youngest suspect. The image that was created on Friday is that the girls were drugged there. Then they would have been raped. “I couldn’t move my arms and legs anymore. I think they put something in my drink,” one girl at the police said.
    Initially, the police spoke of three victims and the file contains indications that more girls were victims of the men. One girl ultimately did not want to file a report, partly because of fear of the suspects. The girl who was allegedly raped by six men on April 22, 2019, also spoke to the court about her fear on Friday. “I was threatened daily by family and friends of the boys. I no longer dared to walk on the street and lay awake at night.” She said she briefly fled abroad because of the threats.

  4. Russia vetoes UN resolution on climate change as threat to global security

    Russia vetoes a Security Council resolution formally linking climate change and global security challenges that was supported by a majority of UN member states.

  5. Czechs rally EN MASSE against mandatory COVID vaccination

    A wave of anti-compulsory vaccination protests keeps on sweeping through the EU, with THOUSANDS hitting the Prague streets to decry the Czech government’s move to impose mandatory jabs for the elderly and workers in certain areas such as medical staff and police.

    • DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – UK PM Johnson warns of Omicron ‘tidal wave’ raising alarm in Europe

      British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the UK needs to prepare for a ‘tidal wave’ of omicron cases. Concerns are growing across Europe, as a number of countries bring in measures to combat a rise in infections.

      However, rules in Austria will be relaxed for the fully vaccinated, after the country imposed Europe’s first full lockdown this winter.

      But protests against the country’s plans for mandatory inoculations continued across the weekend.

      There were also demonstrations in the Czech Republic against compulsory jabs for the over sixties and public servants.

      France’s first closures in months also came into force this weekend with nightclubs shuttered until at least January.

      Meanwhile Russia has passed the milestone of ten million coronavirus cases.

      COVID passes are required across much of the country, but only 40 percent of people are currently fully vaccinated.

      There was little Christmas cheer from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who warned of a tidal wave of omicron cases.

      With the festive season in full swing, there are concerns across the continent that the COVID Christmas hangover could last well into 2022.

      Germany is beginning the latest phase in its coronavirus vaccination campaign today.
      It’s for children between the ages of 5 and eleven.

      Parents who want to immunize their young kids can now do so – even though the official recommendation here is specifically for kids with serious pre-existing conditions to get the jab.

      Some other countries have already been vaccinating kids under 12.

      The US started inoculating young children at the beginning of November.

      Israel has also been giving under-12s COVID-19 shots for nearly a month.

      In both countries, over 16 percent of young kids have received at least one dose.

      The vaccine rollout comes after a sharp rise in overall infections in Germany.

      There’s a higher concentration of cases in the Eastern part of the country – including kids in this age group.

      Most don’t experience severe COVID-19 symptoms, but they can spread the virus to others.

      DW reporters visited one German family, who say: for their children, the rollout can’t come soon enough!

    • the sun – Public queue outside vaccine centres for HOURS in PM’s plan to get everyone boosted by New Year

      BORIS Johnson on Monday vowed to put rockets under the booster campaign to offer everyone a third jab by the New Year.

      Firing the starting gun on the biggest vaccine blitz in British history, the PM said the rollout would go at “warp speed” to tackle the rip of Omicron.

      Huge queues have built up outside walk-in hubs after the NHS booking website crashed under a national stampede for boosters.

      Speaking on a visit to a vaccine clinic in West London, the PM said: “We now want to hit warp speed and we’ll have to attain a pace and a number of daily booster doses that will exceed anything that we’ve done before.

      “But I’ve got no doubt at all that we have the people, we have the enthusiasm, we have the fundamental optimism about what we can do, which we’ve learned from the experience of the last 18 months.

      “And I know that people are going to rise to this.”

      In a sobering TV address to the nation last night the PM called in the military to dramatically scale up the booster programme.

      Some 750 soldiers have been deployed to man jab stations and help put shots into arms.

      Volunteers such as those signed up to The Sun’s Jabs Army are also being called on to ramp up the campaign in Britain’s hour of need.

      Mr Johnson’s ambitious goal of offering all adults a booster by the New Year means 1million jabs a day will need to be delivered.

      People will even be able to get jabs on CHRISTMAS DAY.

    • S. Korea’s tougher vaccine pass system delayed due to COOV technical error

      South Korea reported the highest number of COVID-19 infections for a Monday despite fewer tests over the weekend.

      Due to a technical problem, KDCA announced the start of the expanded vaccine pass system is delayed.

      Health authorities have evaluated for the third week in a row that the pandemic risk is at its highest level.

      This comes as the number of critically ill patients has remained above 8-hundred for the sixth straight day, with 876 critically ill as of Monday.

      More than 80 percent of all ICU beds were reportedly in use, with that figure surpassing 90 percent in Seoul and Incheon.

      To try to reduce the burden on the country’s medical system … authorities have toughened restrictions from last week.

      This includes expanding vaccine passes to most public facilities, including restaurants, cafes and movie theaters.

      This means everyone must now show their vaccination status through the QR check-in system, or hand in a negative PCR test result taken within the previous two days to gain entry.

      Businesses who break these rules will be fined up to around 2 500 U.S. dollars.

      And they may be hit with temporary or even permanent suspensions if they are found to have repeatedly violated rules.

      Individuals who break the rules will also be fined around 85 dollars.

      After the one-week grace-period,… the expansion of vaccine passes was supposed to be in effect starting Monday.

      However, as COOV the digital vaccine certificate smartphone application experienced several glitches due to a system overload,… the KDCA announced that vaccine passes will not be applied on Monday.

      The official said it was a server problem as a large number of people tried to log into the COOV app at the same time.

      Also on Monday, anyone aged 18 to 59 who has been fully vaccinated for more than 3 months was able to book their booster shot.

      This comes shortly after authorities shortened the interval between primary and booster shots from what was previously 4 or 5 months to just THREE.

      Administration of these shots will begin on Wednesday.

      Those over 60 can get their booster jabs without making a reservation.

      Authorities are also set on ramping up teen vaccination rates.

      From Wednesday, medical staff will visit schools to administer vaccines to students on site.

      Surveys from the Education Ministry showed more than 80-thousand students from 8-8 374 schools have signed up for these vaccines.

      But proportion wise, this was still quite a low number… as only 6-point-9 percent of the unvaccinated teen population have shown their willingness to get vaccinated.

      Authorities said they are talking to local governments about what special measures to take if the pandemic worsens.

    • city news – TORONTO – Hundreds of kids get their first dose

      Today was Toronto Kids Vaccine Day at the Scotiabank Arena.

      It was a superhero-themed clinic coming at a critical time.

      Maleeha Sheikh speaks to families and medical experts on why it’s important to get the 5-11 age group vaccinated right away.

      • CBC – Toronto aims to vaccinate more than 2,000 children in one day

        Toronto held a mass vaccination drive on Sunday aimed at inoculating more than 2,000 children at Scotiabank Arena to try and protect the community as the most COVID-19 cases are happening in children aged five to 11.

    • UK – Sajid Javid on vaccine passports and tests to replace self-isolation

      Coronavirus latest: BRITS will need three jabs to use vaccine passports for entry to nightclubs and football matches from as early as February.

      Health secretary Sajid Javid today announced ministers will update the definition of fully vaccinated to include the third jab.

      He said this will be done “once all adults have had a reasonable chance” to get the top-up shot.

      Boris Johnson has unveiled plans to offer all over 18s the chance to book their booster appointment by the end of the year.

      That means the new rules, which would affect tens of millions of Brits, could come into force from February.

    • twitter @disclosetv

      No more international travel for 12 to 15-year-olds without the NHS “COVID Pass,” UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid proclaims.

      + video


      twitter @disclosetv

      UST IN – Germany: “Booster” injections are now offered as early as 4 weeks after the last vaccination in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia (RND)

      twitter @Breaking911

      CDC: 80% of Omicron cases found in the fully vaccinated, a third of them had received a booster dose

      Symptoms are mild in both the unvaccinated and vaccinated – Reuters

      europravda – UK reports first Omicron death as Austria reopens

    • reuters – Booster shots neutralize Omicron: Israeli study

      Israeli researchers said they found that a three-shot course of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine provided significant protection against the new Omicron variant.

    • CBC – Patient with omicron coronavirus variant dies in the U.K.

      British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the first U.K. death of a patient WITH the omicron variant of the coronavirus, and said every adult would be offered a third vaccine dose by Dec. 31.

    • CBC – 21% of Ontario COVID-19 cases are omicron, says science advisory table

      Dr. Peter Jüni, scientific director of the Ontario COVID-19 science advisory table, says the data in Ontario shows that the omicron variant of the coronavirus is roughly three times more transmissible as the delta variant.

    • ONTARIO – Omicron will become dominant strain in a matter of days

      The Omicron variant is spreading like wildfire with 10,000 cases a day expected by New Year’s Eve in Ontario.

      Shauna Hunt speaks to the head of the Ontario’s science table who debunks the belief that the new variant causes a milder infection.

    • itv news -UK – NHS website struggling under surge in booster jab bookings as tests run out

      If the long queues both outside vaccination centres and online were anything to go by today – then the message to get a Covid booster is certainly getting through.

      There’s been huge demand across England as the prime minister warned the spread of Omicron is accelerating.

      The new strain is fuelling 200,000 daily infections, and there has been the first confirmed UK death.

      But some hoping for a jab today were turned away; the website for those hoping to book a booster crashed; and those trying to order Lateral Flow Tests were told none were available.

      And ministers wouldn’t rule out imposing extra restrictions in England just days ahead of Christmas.

    • channel 4 – First Omicron death in UK as boosters rolled out

      One person is confirmed to have died WITH Omicron, and in the face of this rapidly growing and still largely unknown threat, the government has pledged to throw everything at the booster jab campaign, calling it a “national mission”.

      Long queues have already formed outside vaccination centres, while the NHS booking website has crashed.

  6. BBC – DENMARK – Inger Stoejberg: Jail for Danish ex-minister for asylum separations

    A former Danish immigration minister has been found guilty of illegally separating young asylum-seeking couples in a landmark impeachment trial.

    Judges ruled Inger Stoejberg’s decision in 2016 to separate couples was unlawful and jailed her for 60 days.

    Ms Stoejberg said she was very surprised by the verdict as the policy was designed to combat child marriage.

    The case was Denmark’s first impeachment trial in three decades and only the sixth in its history.

    “It’s not just me who has lost but Danish values have lost too,” she told reporters outside the court, adding that she would accept her punishment but had no regrets.

    Between 2015 to 2019, Ms Stoejberg served as Denmark’s immigration minister in a centre-right government propped up by the right-wing populist Danish People’s Party.

    During her tenure she took a hard line on immigration and introduced dozens of restrictions. Among them was an order in February 2016 that married refugees under 18 years old should not be accommodated with their spouse.

    Ms Stoejberg ordered the separation of 23 married couples before the policy was dropped a few months later.

    Among them were a young Syrian couple, Rimaz Alkayal, then 17 and her spouse Alnour Alwan, 26, who were reunited following a complaint. They had been forced to live apart for four months, even though she was pregnant.

    The Supreme Court’s verdict on Monday leaves Ms Stoejberg’s political career hanging by a thread.

    When the guilty verdict was read out by court chairman Thomas Roerdam, the former minister gasped in shock, according to Danish reports.

    Outside the court, prosecutors said they were satisfied with the “historic” verdict, while Ms Stoejberg’s lawyers said it was harsh.

    The verdict cannot be appealed and the jail sentence is unconditional, meaning that it must be served.

    Ms Stoejberg resigned as deputy leader of the conservative-liberal Venstre party last February after its MPs voted to impeach her.

    She is currently an independent MP, but could lose her seat in a vote to remove her from parliament.

    Ms Stoejberg is a divisive figure in Denmark, but some commentators believe Monday’s verdict may galvanise her supporters on the right wing of politics.

    A long-running case
    The case started in 2016, when a Syrian couple complained about being placed in separate asylum centres to Denmark’s ombudsman.

    Investigations by both the ombudsman and a special commission concluded that their separation and others ordered by Ms Stoejberg were illegal.

    Under Danish and human rights law, each case must be assessed individually. This requirement had been ignored and therefore breached human rights, the investigations found.

    Two independent lawyers then determined there were grounds for impeachment, and in February this year a large majority of MPs voted in favour, including Ms Stoejberg’s own party.

    The 26 judges of Denmark’s Supreme Court convened to decide whether Ms Stoejberg had violated the European Convention on Human Rights and a ministerial accountability law.

    On Monday, 25 of those judges voted to convict her of the charges.

    A contentious verdict

    Monday’s verdict has divided opinion and sent shockwaves through Denmark’s political establishment.

    The parliamentary leader of the nationalist Danish People’s Party, Peter Skaarup, said he found the verdict incomprehensible and backed Ms Stoejberg’s separation policy.

    But Rosa Lund, an MP for the left-wing Unity List party, welcomed the judgement and said there had to be consequences for minsters who did not comply with the law.

    Most of Denmark’s six impeachments have ended in acquittal. However, in 1995 ex-Justice Minister Erik Ninn-Hansen was handed a four-month suspended sentence for blocking refugees from Sri Lanka bringing their families to Denmark.

    Impeachments trials in Denmark can result in fines and prison sentences if a guilty verdict is rendered, unlike those in the US, which are political.

    DAILY MAIL – Denmark’s former immigration minister is JAILED for ordering asylum seeking couples to be separated if one was a minor in a bid to stamp out child marriage

    A rarely used impeachment court convicted Inger Stoejberg on Monday

    It came after the Danish parliament voted to try her over the 2016 order

    Parliament-appointed commission said separating couples was ‘clearly illegal’

    The impeachment court sentenced her to 60 days’ detention

    […]It was unclear if the former minister actually serve jail time, or if she would be fitted with an electronic monitoring bracelet to serve her sentence at home.

    […]The verdict cannot be appealed.

    […]Ms Stoejberg has said she initiated the policy of separating minors from their partners out of concerns the relationships may have involved forced marriages. Twenty-three couples were split up before the policy was halted months later.

    • Former Denmark minister sentenced to prison for separating asylum-seeking couples
      Inger Stojberg was found guilty of a “deliberate violation” of the Ministerial Responsibility Act
      Following the verdict, she took to Facebook and wrote: “Today the Danish values lost! We now have a situation where as a man you can come to Denmark with your child bride. Several of them have been made pregnant at the age of 12-13 years. Apparently you can do that unpunished. But I get punished for trying to protect the girls. There is honestly something completely wrong!”
      “But I respect the verdict and take my punishment without bending my neck. My life goes on and on. It is in staggering contrast to the girls who experience getting married as child brides to older men. I don’t want to hide that I’m surprised by the judgement. But I have always known that fighting for Danish values is not free. And that we only fail if we stop fighting for what we believe in.”
      The Danish Parliament will now decide whether to disqualify the ex-minister from being a member of the parliament.

  7. IS still active. See disturbing video (audio from phone call, death threats from IS assassines):

    Syria: Islamic State assassins stalk Al-Hol camp
    Residents tell MEE of death threats, killings and desperate poverty in the Kurdish-run camp for IS family members
    The first messages, on WhatsApp, were threats to kill her and her 13-year-old brother Abdullah for cooperating with the SDF inside the camp and giving them information.
    In a recorded call obtained by MEE, Hind can be heard denying the accusation to an IS member, who says he saw her speaking to people in the camp’s market.
    Hind says on the call that the SDF brought three suspected IS fighters to her, adding: “I didn’t give them any names, I swear.”
    IS murdered Abdullah after the first threat, Hind’s friend told MEE, without giving details about when or how.
    “What did Abdullah do to you?” asks Hind. “Abdullah was just a child.”
    “Keep going with this spying for wrongdoers and you will follow Abdullah,” the IS fighter replies. “Wait and see what horror we can bring for you.”
    “No one dies before the day of their death,” says Hind, before the recording cuts out. “Even if you send a silent pistol and all the armies of the world to kill me.”
    She was stabbed to death in her tent three days later.

  8. How is California’s city’s an internal travel document consistent with
    the Commerce Clause?
    refers to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution, which gives Congress the power “to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes
    Traveler Form
    To help stop the spread of COVID-19, Los Angeles is requiring all travelers entering the city from another state or country to fill out this online form, acknowledging that they have read and understood the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) travel guidance. Travelers over the age of 16 must submit this form online prior to or upon arrival at Los Angeles International Airport, Van Nuys Airport, or Union Station. Failure to submit the form is punishable by a fine of up to $500.

  9. global news – Politicians hanged in effigy during protest at BC legislature reflect disturbing trend, expert says

    An expert on extremism and political radicalization says a disturbing display outside the British Columbia legislature this week reflects a troubling trend.

    British Columbia’s premier and two senior ministers were hanged in effigy outside the province’s legislature at a rally organized by COVID-19 vaccine mandate opponents on Thursday.

    The event was promoted as a “sunset candlelight ceremony” to mark the 75th anniversary of the trial of Nazi scientists who conducted horrific human experiments on Jews and other targets of the regime. Seven of those doctors were executed for war crimes.

    Speakers addressed what they called the erosion of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms amid the COVID-19 response, and touted Ivermectin, a deworming medication that health officials have warned against as treatment for the virus.

    Demonstrators in the crowd carried signs with messages reading “voluntary consent,” “medical choice,” and “COVID crimes against humanity.”

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