More deaths of children from Pfizer Pfluid, and a protest that makes the point in BC: Links 1, December 11, 2021

1. 13 year old healthy girl dies of cancer from Pfizer fluid

Read the report. An attempt was made to delink the vaxx from the death, but the description of events and the speed of progression from healthy girl to total organ failure from cancer and whatever else caused all this, seems more than natural. Report also copied to comments.

2. Baby of ‘fully vaccinated’ mom dies after born bleeding from mouth, nose: VAERS report

A two-year-old’s death which was then scrubbed from the website, a neonate’s hemorrhaging death, and an eight-year-old’s heart attack were among recent VAERS reports

(LifeSiteNews) – A baby whose mother received two COVID vaccine shots during her last trimester of pregnancy was born bleeding from his mouth and nose, and died the day after his birth, according to a recent report to the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System from a foreign “regulatory authority.”

The baby boy was born on the morning of October 6, 2021, after his mother received two experimental mRNA Moderna shots on July 19 and August 13. He was expected on October 15 but was delivered weighing 2,800 grams (just over six pounds, two ounces) in hospital after a labor marked by unstable fetal heartbeat.

“The doctor said that after the patient was born, there was a cry. When the umbilical cord was cut for newborn care, the nursing staff found that the patient had symptoms of oral and nose bleeding, and immediately asked the pediatrician to intubate and give him oxygen, and he was admitted to the NICU,” according to the report received by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) November 18 from an unidentified foreign health agency. “In the NICU, his result of examination showed abnormal blood coagulation, pulmonary hemorrhage [acute bleeding from the lungs], and cardiac dysfunction.”

3. From Germany: Sign reads, DO NOT BUY FROM THE UNVACCINATED

4. Yes. There really are anti vaxxers. And they are NOT the people who merely want to preserve bodily autonomy and personal medical choice.

Taliban gunmen shoot dead police officer and injure another providing security for polio vaccination workers in Pakistan

Taliban gunmen shot dead one police officer and wounded another protecting polio vaccination workers in north-western Pakistan, officials today confirmed.

The terror group struck out in Tank, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on the second day of a five-day anti-polio drive in a bid to vaccinate more than 6million children. 

Two gunmen riding a motorbike ‘opened fire’ on a police security detail that was escorting the polio vaccinators – killing one on the spot and critically wounding another, eyewitnesses confirmed. 

Mohammad Khurasani, spokesman for Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, known as the Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility for the attack.  

The Taliban had previously denounced the polio vaccine as a ‘Western conspiracy’ and ‘bio-weapon’ that would endanger children. 

The terror group promised violent attacks against those found to be supplying and using it.

Saturday marked the first time the TTP had attacked those involved in a vaccination effort since announcing the end of a one-month ceasefire with the Government.

5. When you lay out all the facts in point form, it becomes farcical.

Thank you all for your support and knowledge this week. Saturday typically is protest day around the world. Keep an eye on the comments as they appear, for news and videos of them. And for those who think protests don’t matter, remember it really can go both ways. On the one hand, they can be a kind of steam kettle, where the public is allowed to vent off just enough anger and frustration that they don’t actually do anything beyond carry a few signs around. This has been our fear from time to time. A pressure relief nozzle, and nothing more. Like a whistling steam kettle where the sound lets you know it won’t explode.

But remember the Arab Spring? Even if we remove all the Obama/globalist elements from it, and discount all events as being inorganic, which is more than fair to do, what happened in Egypt matters. The first revolution in the streets to get rid of Mubarak and install the Ikwan (Muslim Brotherhood) leader, Mohammad Morsi, may have been a Schwab/Obama globalist play. In fact it probably was. But the second popular revolution in Egypt was the largest display of public anger in the history of the world, and deposed Morsi, Obama’s pick for leader, who was the Muslim Brotherhood political leader. Egypt then went right back to a military dictator, which tend to run Islamic countries in a more democratic manner than religious leaders do. This was very much against the Globalist interests. Al Sisi is no friend of Obama’s or the COMINTERN.

So it is quite possible that if ENOUGH people get sufficiently angry, that maybe we can pull this thing out of the fire.

Here is a short video of a demo in Nanaimo correction, Victoria BC December 9th, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg laws:

The effigies are a reminder to the legislators and doctors, what happened 75 years ago to the ones that decided to misinform or force the people into medical experiments they either did not want, or were tricked into wanting with false information.


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  1. This nice remark

    For many diseases, frequent re-exposure is essential to maintain protective immunity.

    This also applies to the 200+ rapidly evolving respiratory viruses that cause our colds and flus every winter. And it also applies to Covid. Use it or lose it.

    If we interrupt regular exposure to any of these common respiratory viruses, such as through lockdowns and extreme social distancing measures, we prevent ourselves from getting the regular exposure needed to keep training our immune systems to keep them up to date. The key to living a healthy life is to never stop living a normal life.

    An immunity debt to our common respiratory viruses can happen after a surprisingly brief period without regular exposure. The immunity debt caused by a year and a half of lockdowns and school closures is already causing cases of RSV virus (another common respiratory virus) to surge to unprecedented levels among children. Prior to the Covid debacle, most RSV infections were relatively mild, with symptoms similar to a common cold (prior to 2021 you’d probably never even heard of this virus unless you work in the medical profession). But now, with an immunity debt, far more cases are becoming dangerous.


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