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One Reply to “Interview with Greenpeace Co-founder, Patrick Moore on the great climate scam”

  1. Unbeknownst to most readers here watch for this interview to become akin to a Superbowl kick-off sometime down the road.

    That the narrative will transition from “pandemic” to climate con is a well-telegraphed certainty. That scientism has its icy grip on truth permits our ice age on truth. That the info-war narrative transitions from fear, to guilt about our “killing Mother Earth”, is certain.

    Starving plants to death by climate lockdown will be prevented, luckily, by the industrialisation of parts of the planet that will prosper while Western civilisation commits ideological and economic hari-kari.

    Watch for climate-change deniers to be thrown into the same jail cell as those questioning the vaxx.

    I wonder what Mr. Moore thinks about sun activity being a driver of Earth’s climate? Please have him back, Vlad. He is to the next phase of the Globalist operation what doctors with integrity currently are to medical tyranny. Truth and more truth.

    Hear that noise? That’s me firing up my 70’s-era Chevy to help save the planet.

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