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  1. Wonderful. It is my theory that Ireland creates great writers because of their need to explain themselves. This Irishman eloquently wishes for a better muse.

  2. The late Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg referred to Austrian born Adolf Hitler as ….”…that Bohemian Corporal…..” Hitler is dead…..but tyranny is not…..as we see in the land of his birth………Do they learn nothing from history?

    • @ Major Tom

      Re: “Hitler is dead…..but tyranny is not…..as we see in the land of his birth………Do they learn nothing from history?”

      The problem with history’s lessons, even when they are learned, is that they are so short-lived. The typical human lifespan of 75-80 years isn’t very long as the march of centuries are concerned. Just about the time someone has learned something of history and maybe personal experience to approach what we call wisdom, he is old and will soon depart the scene.

      This is the basis of the Strauss and Howe “Fourth Turnings” model of history, that history cycles in paradigms which last about the length of the typical human life, i.e. 75 years or so. About the 3/4th of a century mark, man has outlived his wisdom and the young are again primed to make the same mistakes as their ancestors and elders did.

      The young, being who and what they are, usually pay little heed to the warnings of their elders and those who came before. And even those individuals wise-enough to benefit from history, are drowned out by the cacophony of onward-marching progress and the sense that only what is new matters.

      In short, then, there are – once were – plenty of Austrians who learned the dark lessons of what can befall a nation whose people follow totalitarianism and the tyrants who proclaim it. The trouble is that those people have now died off or are too-old to influence the course of events in today’s world. And so it goes, the cycle of history repeating over and over.

  3. From the desk of António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, Reichsfuhrer der Welt,
    CC: Globaler Nusssack-Kriegsverbrecher Klaus Schwab.
    CC:Untersturmbandfuhrer Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WEF Kommissariat der Ethnischen Hygiene, 25 million plus confirmed kills; Order of Lenin; Order of Mengele First Class with Crossed Syringe and Skulls; Hillary Clinton Truth Approved Medal; B.H.Obama Hodolomor of Honor.

    By Order of Uberfuhrer der Endgültige Lösung Georg Tsoros, Gott-Kaiser,

    Re: Lebensunwertes Leben, or “life unworthy of life”.
    This phrase will be applied to the politically undesirable and later to the non-compliant, and resisters of diktat, as well as to enemies of the state, and unvaxxed, both internal and external.
    The unvaxxed are not human, the effect of a unvaxxed presence as a race-tuberculosis of the peoples, and the initial goal of a Global government must be discriminatory legislation against theunvaxxed. The ultimate goal must definitely be the removal of the Jews…er…I mean, the unvaxxed altogether.

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