Geert Vanden Bossche offers harsh warning

Funny how the precautionary principle isn’t applied to people who say things like, “Don’t take an experimental gene therapy which is a technology that has never been used before because literally no one knows what it will do, and we do know vaccinating during a pandemic will lead to ADE”

Instead they warped the concept of precautionary principle saying there was a disease we didn’t know about so the safest thing to do was take an injection we had no clue about.

This is how hypnotized people are.

Like Clockwork:

Portugal reimposes rules as COVID-19 cases rise


LISBON, Nov 25 (Reuters) – Portugal, which has one of the world’s highest rates of vaccination against COVID-19, announced it would reimpose restrictions to stop a surge in cases, ordering all passengers flying into the country to show a negative test certificate on arrival.

“It doesn’t matter how successful the vaccination was, we must be aware we are entering a phase of greater risk,” Prime Minister Antonio Costa told a news conference on Thursday.

“We have seen significant growth (in cases) in the EU and Portugal is not an island,” he added.

Portugal reported 3,773 new cases on Wednesday, the highest daily figure in four months, before dropping to 3,150 on Thursday. Deaths, however, remain far below levels seen in January, when the country faced its toughest battle against COVID-19.

Hypnotized. They insist the vaccination program is successful, even as they lock down cause of Covid spikes, while places that did not vaccinate do not. Florida and Texas along with a dozen other states seem fine, along with, well South Asia and Africa. The MOST vaccinated places all appear to be doing the worst, and they are also the places that did the harshest lockdowns and mandatory Gessler Hats.

Around 87% of Portugal’s population of just over 10 million is fully inoculated against the coronavirus and the country’s speedy vaccination rollout has been widely praised. That has allowed it to lift most of its pandemic restrictions.

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10 Replies to “Geert Vanden Bossche offers harsh warning”

  1. “because literally no one knows what it will do…”

    I have a feeling there are a few folks out there who know EXACTLY what it will do, and what it is intended to do. They’re pretty much the same ones who are threatening you with all sorts of misery if you DON’T take it.

    Read some of William Cooper’s writings, he wrote about this sort of democide 40 years ago, and he got whacked for trying to wake folks up about it then.

    They know what they’re doing. We know what they’re doing, and they know we know, and they don’t give a damn, because they know people would rather lay down and die than cause themselves and their family member to “lose face” by acting.

    To quote the wisdom of Mortimer Smith, “I think we’re F’d in the A”.

  2. 1/ “Only those who have their innate immunity intact have a chance to survive

    That’s his speculation. No matter how larded with medi-lingo, it’s WILDLY speculative. A proselytizer, not a scientist.

    Given the percentages already vaxxed, he’s talking Apocalypse Now!
    Young people playing basketball, families; They’re all gonna die!

    All that is incredibly manipulative. Crafted to induce defeatism or panic. Perhaps incite terrorism or riots that will justify martial law. The volume and pitch of this sort of thing is sounding like an info op.

    • Martial law is on the agenda no matter what. The enemy is just waiting for the right crisis.

      We’ve got to be a WHOLE LOT more organized or we’ll be crushed to dust. Spontaneous protests may raise morale, but they won’t move the needle. They’re already infiltrated with agents provocateurs.

      We’ve got to focus. Not chase red herrings or go down rabbit holes.

      With the Left the point is NEVER the point. The Revolution is ALWAYS the point.

      This is Mj. Coughlin territory.

      • Exactly, Yucki. People like that are irresponsible. I think that there will be (already are) damaged immune systems and damaged hears that bode ill for a lot of people. But human bodies are tough, and most people will be ok.

        I am convinced that what we see is brutal Darwinism in action.The weak are being weeded out. By both the virus and the vaccine.

        • The weak are being weeded out. By both the virus and the vaccine.

          – AND the corollary –

          #1- the Enemy that’s orchestrating the collective “establishment” response: lockstep measures of govts around the world (lockdown, psyops, vaxx, digital ID);

          #2- possibly agents working within the opposition to psych us into counterproductive frenzies that’ll be exploited by #1. That will be a tiny minority, by design (crudely cancelled), but it’ll justify the “backlash” that’ll be exponentially more extreme than appropriate.

          Leaving aside the possible GENESIS of the crisis: the bioweapon that originated in the Wuhan lab in China, but was a global, collaborative endeavor. (The Enemy.)

    • Not a scientist! My God take a look at all the scientists and Doctors who have been utterly destroyed by all the media money mutts.

    • The rebuttal was not a rebuttal at all. It was crude and obvious character assassination. If that’s all they’ve got, don’t get the shot.

  3. Last week’s Vaccine Adverse Reaction Events 5-11 years old from the CDC

    1426 adverse reactions

    9 rated serious Injuries

    1 11 year old girl from Georgia died after receiving the Pfizer shot.

    12-17 year old reactions 23,105

    Deaths 30


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