Israel suffers wave of dead and seriously ill individuals all who have been fully vaccinated

We had an Israeli translator check this as the content is too important to post without solid verification. She said it was perfect and an excellent translation.
I’m sorry.

Thank you Gun Goddess, RL.

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11 Replies to “Israel suffers wave of dead and seriously ill individuals all who have been fully vaccinated”

  1. They still don’t get it do they? There is no virus. It has never been purified. The weapon is the ‘vaccine’, which is a highly dangerous, inadequately tested gene therapy. They have done this before many times. This is what is so frustrating to people who understand this. The ‘Spanish Flu’ was the prototype. A soldier gets ill, they announce the outbreak of a pandemic, convince people it is their patriotic duty to inject themselves with untested experimental vaccines and put on masks and hey presto. Why can’t people understand this? HIV, Ebola, H1N1 they have all been used as political weapons to put the fear of God in to people in order to control them.

    • With all due respect, sir, you don’t know what you’re talking about. A woman I know had a relationship with a man. He eventually became ill and left town, and her. Several months later he returned and knocked on her door.

      “When I opened it, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” she said. “He was the same man, but he looked like a skeleton.” He was clearly moved, but he said what he was there to say.

      “Hi, Christine,” he said. “I have AIDS. You better have yourself checked.”

      She did and she was HIV+. I met her shortly thereafter and remained her friend until she passed. She was drop dead gorgeous when I first met her, and when she died she, too, looked like a human skeleton. She lost much of her hair and you could see the bones through her skin. She also was very sick.

      So please cross HIV+ off your list of imagined illnesses you think are created by modern doctors. I don’t know much about the various vaxes that are out there, or about Co-Vid-19, but I know about Rabies (Paralytic and Hydrophobic) and HIV+, and lost two good friends to the latter. So I know whereof I speak. They’ve traced HIV to the early 1900s, so why you believe it’s a man-made illness is beyond me.

      It sounds as though you’ve watched too many YouTube conspiracy videos.

    • kevin king: “There is no virus.”

      “Coronaviruses discovered in Laotian bats are surprisingly adept at infecting human cells, showing that such deadly features can indeed evolve outside of a lab.”

      Even Chinese Communists know the Wuhan virus exists, and pinned the blame onto their People for eating from market stalls.

      Irene Hewitson: “…an Independent member of Great Aycliffe Town Council in Co Durham, said she will believe that coronavirus exists ‘when my neighbours, relatives, friends and work people are dying around me’.”

      This second voice, is a Karen.

  2. The fear of God is far off.
    If my People who are called by my name will humble them selves and pray and seek my face, then I will heal there land.
    People have no need a God today. They may come sniveling back but a lot of hardship will probably come first. We all like sheep have gone a stray all turn to his own way. We have brought this on ourselves.

  3. – Healthy teens are now dropping dead, for no reason… –

    “15-Year-Old Boy with ‘No Health Issues’ Collapses and Dies During Basketball Tryouts: ‘He Never Woke Up’

    “The teen was excited about making the first cut for the basketball team and died on the second day of tryouts”

  4. Please leave a transcript as some of us have English as a second language (or third, as I speak Farsi and Turkish), and I can’t begin to read the translation. Most likely many Americans cannot read English that fast, as well.

    Thank you.

  5. This is a bit fast pace, so be ready to freeze frame it to read it.
    Another source of that Israeli message.

    #Israel “…we’re seeing vaccinated individuals that are SICK…
    and we’re seeing DEATH as well…
    there isn’t ANY MEDICAL BASIS as of today,FOR MASSIVE AND BULK VACCINATION of the population with a third vaccine, with a booster…”
    2 mins 26 secs

    Seems like some in the News media in Israel, are taking note of the increased hospitalizations of the Vaxxed. and wondering why?

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