Five items on the border war between Belarus and Poland – VERY intense items

1. How is this not an invasion please? Belurus-Polish border

2. Turkey curbs flights to Belarus to ease migrant crisis

BRUSSELS/ANKARA, Nov 12 (Reuters) – Turkey banned Syrian, Yemeni and Iraqi citizens from flights to Minsk on Friday, potentially closing off one of the main routes that the EU says Belarus has used to fly in migrants by the thousand to engineer a humanitarian crisis on its frontier.

Thousands of migrants from the Middle East are sheltering in freezing conditions in the woods on the border between Belarus and EU states Poland and Lithuania, which are refusing to let them cross. Some have already died and there are fears for the safety of the rest as bitter winter conditions settle in.

3. Polish PM visits border with Belarus and speaks to the police there

4. Migrants Armed With Tear Gas and Laser Attack Polish forces as Border Warfare Between Poland and Belarus Escalates

The military tension at the Belarus-Poland border escalated Friday, November 12 night. Belarusian troops destroyed part of the 120 miles of barbed wire fencing that separates the east European states. Footage released by Polish Border Force showed its troops blinded by lasers and strobe lights. DailyMail reports that Belarus armed the migrants with tear gas to attack the Polish forces once they crossed the border.

The border tension was reported near the town of Czeremcha. Hundreds of migrants passed through this frontier in recent weeks. “Last night near Czeremcha, Belarusian soldiers began to destroy the temporary border by tearing up fence posts,” a spokesman for the Polish Border Force told DailyMailOnline. “Polish forces were blinded by laser beams and strobe light. Also, a group of about 100 migrants were to cross and Poland says Belarusians gave them tear gas, which was used against the Polish forces.”

5. This is mighty heavy. Talk about a clear Casus Belli.

I invite all who are following this intense conflict to please post all links on this subject to the comments under this post.


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21 Replies to “Five items on the border war between Belarus and Poland – VERY intense items”

  1. Of course it’s an invasion! And what do the Polish soldiers do to protect the border? Spray a 2 oz can of pepper spray in the direction of the invaders. That’ll show ’em!

    • If this border crisis has been engineered, and it certainly looks as if it has been, then who is behind it, who is ultimately to blame for it? Those are the questions Polish leaders ought to be asking about this situation.

      The Muslims and other “refugees” a.k.a. invaders by another name, are merely the weapon, the tool being used as a club with which to beat up Poland and her national sovereignty. Who is aiming it and why? Obviously, Minsk is cooperating with someone or something to facilitate this event, but who or whom and why?

      In past incidents of this kind in recent years, billionaire trouble-maker George Soros has been implicated in causing them. Pray tell what has he been up to lately? Inquiring minds want to know. Soros has often been aided by his buddies, Barack Hussein Obama and/or Recep Erdogan, the President of Turkey. The latter appears to be cooperating with the Poles for a change, so maybe his hands are clean for once. Time will tell…. but regardless, someone is behind this event.

      A bit more than a century ago, the Great War began with a seemingly minor incident between two small nations, which later spun out of control to become the largest war up to that time in the history of humanity. Is something trying to start another war?

      • Lukashenko. And maybe behind him, Putin.
        Putin likes to put pressure on the EU, and russian media has capitalized on this crisis, using it for anti-european propaganda. But at the same time, it is not in Putin’s interest to give Lukashenko free rein and let him cut off the gas supply. I don’t think any further escalation is in Putin’s interest, tbh.

    • I’m surprised too… Was thinking for years, that this border was a weak spot. And the Ukraine border – hundreds of miles of forests and mountains… Every so often, in the news there was something about maybe a car crash somewhere near the Ukraine border, and 20 Afghans escaping from the scene.

      (There was even a Netflix series, Wataha, about all the smuggling that happens along this border)…

      Imo there should be solid, high-quality walls built not only along the Belarus border, but also Ukraine border and the Kaliningrad region.

  2. You’re right, Radu. I see in one photo that some stretches are, indeed, double fenced, but with help from the Belarus army it doesn’t matter. Poland needs to use a bit of imagination, here, and some blunt deterrent there.

    • Thanks Martin.

      Soft Polish hearts, but does it really help to encourage Lukashenko’s money funnel by admitting these people? Of course not. Only if the Poles prove resolve and show Lukashenko that he’s stuck with his imports he will stop.

  3. They want to go to Germany ha!!, well Germans can Thank Merkel&CO for this barbaric invasion!!!, that woman on the video : I want to go to Germany for better life for my children “ doing what !!!?? Seating on welfare and pumping more kids from German tax payers money, just unbelievable, how West can be do naive to even listen to this , and this military young strong man in thousands dollars jackets ( Monclear , Canada Goose) with the shovels I thier hands !! That’s the Refugees who will be working for Germans pension?? According to Merkel&CO??? , hahaha , good luck Germany, You have what you deserve and vote for , You vote for high traitors, nothing else ..

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