More weight crushing the vaxx narrative and Pfizer’s new wonder-drug may as well be Ivermectin: Links 1, November 9, 2021

1. Does the CDC use a don’t ask don’t tell approach to employee vaccinations?


(Long time readers of this site might remember our coverage and interviews with ESW, Elisabeth Wolfe, and her attempt to reestablish freedom of speech in Europe. Well the EU court of ‘human rights’ at the end opted for blasphemy laws instead of liberalism and freedom of speech, and now Algeria has decided to use that as a model for jailing those who might call the supremacy of Islam into question. The reason for the judgements against Elisabeth by the way, became more and more insane with each appeal, starting with an Austrian judge who said that since Mohammad was still having sex with Aisha even after she reached age of consent, you cannot call him a pedophile. I think that’s called Pretzel logic, especially in Austria, where pretzels are so popular.)

Vienna and Stockholm, 9th Nov 2021 –  A 2018 decision by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) upholding the conviction of an Austrian citizen by a Vienna court for “disparaging religious doctrines” has been used by Algeria to defend the sentencing a scholar to three years in prison for “denigrating the dogma and the precepts of Islam.”

“The case illustrates how European jurisprudence criminalizing speech can harm the defense of human rights and freedoms in countries that look to Europe for positive examples,” according to Dr. Aaron Rhodes, President of the Forum for Religious Freedom-Europe (FOREF).

In April 2021, tThe Sidi Mhamed Court of First Instance in Algeria sentenced, under Article 144 of the Algerian Penal Code, for the “crime” of arguing that the sacrifice of sheep pre-dated Islam, and that Islamic scriptures do not mandate the marriage of pre-pubescent girls and the use of head coverings.  Djabelkhir said these were “academic reflections.”

Local and international human rights groups have denounced the conviction, with a representative of Amnesty International stating, “It is outrageous that Saïd Djabelkhir is facing three years in prison simply for voicing his opinions about religious texts.”

3. Here’s a fun contest idea. Who can come up with the longest list of applicable crimes for Pfizer, and all who knew what the vaccines really are and how they were tested. This is a cardiologist speaking on Pfizer’s dishonest methods.


4. Conclusive proof that the modality, or method of operations of Pfizer’s new anti-covid pill uses the exact same action as guess what?

Ivermectin. At this point the only difference between Pfizer and the Mexican drug cartels, is the Mexican drug cartels do not force you to take their products.

5.  Partially named knifeman gets himself shot after attacking policeman

Thank you all who contributed to this and all posts to this site so far this week. 

At this point the science and the anecdotal evidence on the vaccines is becoming undeniable, and even perhaps, critical mass. That is to say, the people who knew they are pushing a false narrative may themselves know at this point the jig is up. What we can safely say at this point is that they will not admit it and lick their wounds. They will almost certainly pivot to a false climate narrative and maintain the same kinds of totalitarian efforts in the name of cooling planet Earth.

Where the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, the inverse, the cost of complacency is eternal slavery, is also true. It’s clearly true now.


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  1. How much longer are the provinces and the country going to be
    Under these fake emergency fake pandemic laws….

    What now defines a pandemic?

    Hardly any deaths…. So why aren’t the docile minions demanding
    An return to democracy….

    Oh ya, I get it…..docile minions..

    Under complete fascist control

    Not even any press about it
    No reactions
    No comments

    Keep brining on the tests
    More tests
    There are so many indoctrinated that rush to be tested
    To find they have been living with this virus in their system

    Wait oh wait
    Until all all babies and under 5s have fallen
    In developed countries anyway

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