Science destroys the vaccine narrative, “Likely no benefit, Just harm”

Game day bucket go boom. This is the real deal. Not circumstantial. We are so far past the point where these shots should have been stopped and many people forcing it should be on trial for very serious crimes.

Thank you Dr. J.

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7 Replies to “Science destroys the vaccine narrative, “Likely no benefit, Just harm””

  1. And I’m pretty sure that those in the seats of “power” will claim that they only wanted to safe Lives and the Planet.
    They will claim that it is a monument to Humanity they were trying to build.
    But when you look closer, it’s not a proud monument they’re building, it’s merely a shrine to selfishness, steeped in the blood of those who are sacrificed, not for the greater Good, but for the narrow self-interest of a select circle of cynical cold blooded bastards.

  2. Dr Scott Youngblood Speaking To The San Diego County Board of Supervisors Meeting 8th November 2021

    Defends Science & Patient Autonomy

    • Thank you Lance Pearson.
      I did not know it was so recent, so bogged down thinking it was a lot earlier.
      Thank you.

      November 3, 2021, San Diego, County Board of Supervisors meeting. Dr Youngblood MD
      7 mins 31 secs : Nov 4, 2021

      It is up for now.

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