Young mother speaks about her ‘vaccine’ damage

More testimony from the Senate Hearings set up by Sen. Ron Johnson on November 2, 2021

In the Soviet Union, anyone who didn’t agree with the political interpretation of reality at that time was often committed to a mental hospital. Listen closely to how close this woman came to that exact situation because she reported her profound vaccine damage.

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  1. Shock in the Ice Hockey League: Vaccinated Bratislava player dead after collapsing during the match

    The world of ice hockey is in mourning. As the league announced today, Wednesday, Bratislava Capitals player Boris Sadecky passed away after collapsing in the game against the Dornbirn Bulldogs. He was only 24 years old.

    Shocking scenes also took place at the ice hockey game in Dornbirn on Friday. During the duel between Dornbirn and Bratislava, the guest player Boris Sadecky collapsed on the ice. According to reports, the 24-year-old had to be resuscitated while still on the ice. He was admitted to the intensive care unit in Dornbirn hospital. His condition is serious but stable, the Bratislava Capitals announced on their homepage.

    As early as August, the CEO of the ICE Hockey League did not conceal the fact that he was in favour of compulsory vaccination in international ice hockey. The pressure on the players will probably be correspondingly great. When you consider that in other sports, too, people are openly talking about the fact that unvaccinated players cannot take part in competitions abroad.

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