Starting the week with a few items which chart the usual issues: Links 1, November 1, 2021

1. Biden caught with list of approved journalists

Related: Psaki tests + for Covid. Probably a con of some kind where they show the vaccinated don’t get sick. But then why did they test her? Something isn’t right. Like CBC, The White house never tells a truth unless its to sell a bigger lie.

2. REVEALED: The 26 NY firehouses that have been forced to close after firefighters refused to get vaccinated as seven-year-old dies in blaze and union warns lives are at risk

A total of 26 New York firehouses have been forced to close after firefighters refused to get vaccinated ahead of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Monday deadline – and a seven-year-old boy died the following day as departments saw major staff shortages. 

The Uniformed Firefighters Association revealed a list of FDNY stations that ‘have close due to no manpower’ and it includes six in Manhattan, nine in Brooklyn, three in Queens, four in the Bronx and four in Staten Island.

On Friday FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro warned that the effects of the closures could be catastrophic and ‘endanger the lives’ of city residents.

(Jeez I hope De Blasio doesn’t leave the gas on or anything. This would be a bad time to have a fire)

3. In a major no surprise to anyone, the major CO2 producers refuse to sign to net zero.

4. Montrealers hit the streets on Sunday to protest the totalitarianism that is spreading across Quebec and Canada under the veneer of Corona and the need for ‘vaccines’

(CBC if they report this at all, will likely say its a few dozen or maybe hundreds of people. So envious of Quebecers right now. They retained their culture and now are the most capable of fighting for liberty in all of what remains of Canada.)



Thank you Tania Groth, M., V11., Johnny U., Hellequin GB., MissPiggy, and many more who kept the fires burning over the weekend.

RIGHT NOW in Varna Bulgaria at city hall, a few hundred people gathered to fight the mandatory vaxx and vaxx pass, with more than a few against the vaccines altogether it would seem.


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  1. 1/ From the UAE:
    ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’: what it means and why some in the US keep chanting it

    The seemingly upbeat “Let’s Go, Brandon!” meme has been making the rounds on social media, featuring in songs, on apparel and even in the US Congress.

    But this message is not actually about cheering for someone named Brandon — instead, it has become a code for those in conservative circles for “[Expletive] Joe Biden”.

    Critics of the US president have latched on to the chant, deploying it — and its more obscene substitute — more and more frequently, such as when Mr Biden visited Chicago last month to tout his vaccine-or-test mandate.

    The chant also followed Mr Biden to Virginia last week, popping up when he campaigned for Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for state governor….

    The chant’s G-rated language has made it easier to go viral. Unlike the crude phrase that it substitutes, “Let’s Go Brandon” cannot be banned on social media platforms.

    “It’s not a search term that they were going to limit,” researcher Hampton Stall said on NPR’s Morning Edition.

    “There’s a difference between calls for violence and this sort of wink that the ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ meme is.”


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