Australia mostly, and an important revelation about the heart by Dr. Peter McCullough: Links 2, November 1, 2021

1. If two years ago, any of us where to say to anyone else of us how things are today, we would be incredulous. To put it over the top, nicely. So please. Why should we not believe this?

2. Does anyone know if you can cheat the date on Youtube and make it look like a current video is actually12 years old?

I’m having some difficulty believing this, so I ordered comments from newest first and scrolled down aways. Check the dates on these comments.

3. Dr. Peter McCullough explains how Myocarditis that occurs naturally Vs. from the vaccines differ

This may be the whole interview here

4. Chilling new reality for Victorians with Dan Andrews to confine 6.8 million to their homes or leave them facing jail or bankruptcy with $90K fines – and all he has to do is declare there is a pandemic

Daniel Andrews will be able to lock down Victorians at the drop of a hat under  ‘extreme and dangerous’ new laws. 

The premier is giving himself the power to declare a pandemic for an unlimited period of time even if there are no cases of a virus.

The chilling move means if a new variant of Covid arises, the State Government could issue pandemic orders ‘by decree’ to confine Victorians in their homes once again. The health minister will have the power to make ‘any order’ he deems ‘reasonably necessary’ including lockdowns, vaccine mandates and enforced mask-wearing.

Lawyers have even raised fears the Government will use the law to target people for their ‘political beliefs’ in a repressive clampdown more familiar to communist North Korea or China than Australia. 

Victorians can also face huge fines of up to $90,870 for breaking the rules by taking off their masks or leaving home for a non-authorised reason, while businesses can be fined up to $454,350 for serious breaches.

5. Australia, or at least parts of it, are heading to pretty much Nazi/commie at historically speaking, a decent clip. Below this tweet is the whole video.

I can’t verify any of this yet although in the second video, he appears to post news screen grabs to support his claims. We KNOW the laws he is reffering to are real for sure and widely reported. But Im still trying to find out about siezed bank accounts. Best I can tell, that is for people who “owe” covid fines.


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    • If you are in Australia, chances are its geofenced.

      You need a VPN. EVERYONE in Australia, or China or North Korea for that matter must have a VPN. The videos play fine for me. So if. you are in Oz get NORD or AIR VPN and use it 24/7 without fail. Set it up to stop all internet traffic if the proxy server goes down.

      If this isnt the case and you are using a VPN please let me know and Ill trouble shoot it with you.

  1. I tried to register for Fox Nation on the internet and can’t get it here in Canada

    Want to watch the documentary on Jan 6th

    Does anyone know how to get it?

  2. Tearful reunions as Australia’s border reopens after 600 days

    On March 20 last year, Australia introduced some of the world’s toughest border restrictions in response to the pandemic, with almost all travel to the country halted.

    For the past 19 months, Australians have been banned from travelling overseas without permission.

    Families were split across continents as tens of thousands of citizens were stranded overseas.

    The few who did gain permission to enter were forced to spend thousands of dollars and agree to spend 14 days of isolation in a hotel room.

    Those conditions have now been dropped for the country’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, which will now allow vaccinated Australians to come and go without quarantine of any kind….

    More than one million foreign residents remain stuck in Australia unable to see friends or relatives overseas, with the relaxed travel rules applying mainly to citizens….

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