2X Berenson items and MEPs show redacted document suggesting links between politicians and big phrama: Links 3, October 30, 2021

1. Alex Berenson: vaccinated people were 13 times as likely to be infected – and 7 times as likely to be hospitalized – as unvaccinated people with natural immunity.

(Like many of Alex’s excellent reports, a segment doesn’t do justice to his work or conclusions. Best to click through and read at the Substack. I believe you can create an account and read him for free, but speaking as someone who is not wealthy, he is worth the $6.00 a month should you decide to pay. My comment below:

Alex forgets a critical fact that has a large impact on this and similar studies. Shortly after the vaccine rollout, the CDC directed labs to run the PCR test at substantially LOWER cycle thresholds for those who got the vaccines. It was transparently obvious to all who were paying attention, even at the time, that this was a deliberate play to make the vaccines appear to be beneficial, and which I might add, means that they knew back then that they would not be, or else they wouldn’t have needed to tip the table so far. https://sentinelksmo.org/cdc-maximum-28-ct-for-post-vaccine-covid-pcr-tests/ So we can likely add a hefty percentage in favour of Alex’s thesis on the strength of the bias built into the one test they used at that point for Covid. The PCR.)

2. Members of the European Parliament show redacted papers with links between politicians and big pharma. “When the government knows everything about you, that is tyranny. When you know everything about your government, that is democracy”. What a great quote!

3.  There is much more from Australia in today’s Global Protests post. This one is here because it shows the now communist MSM lies in terms of reportage of the numbers of people who oppose collectivist and authoritarian policies.

4. Former Victorian Police Senior Constable, Craig Backman, Speaks At Melbourne’s Freedom Protest

5. Remember when Christian Eriksen – an incredibly fit soccer player – had a heart attack at the European championships in June?

And Eriksen definitely hadn’t just been vaccinated for Covid.

Except maybe he had. In a radio interview in May, his Italian team doctor had suggested the team’s players WERE BEING vaccinated at the time or WOULD be vaccinated before the 2021-2022 season; the translation of the statement was equivocal, and the interview has since disappeared.

Eriksen has never made any definitive statement either way, and in fact has nearly vanished. He was in the news for the first time in months when his professional team, Inter Milan, said he would not be able to play in Italy this year.

Anyway, it just happened again. Another top-flight European player has just been hospitalized for chest pains. Fortunately Sergio Aguero, the striker for Barcelona, apparently did not have a heart attack. He is currently under observation.

Keep in mind these are among the best-conditioned athletes in the world.

Gee, I wonder what could have happened?

Please read the rest over at Alex’s Substack linked above.

Thank you EB., Simpleton1, C., M., and many more on the Mastodon Pod that keep the joint rockin!

The law suit in Rhode Island proved under oath that not one child there died of Covid. Not one. Established in a court of law. While the video above appears to be about Florida, I doubt the disease affects children that much differently from state to state.

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5 Replies to “2X Berenson items and MEPs show redacted document suggesting links between politicians and big phrama: Links 3, October 30, 2021”

  1. Just a note about that violin player in Melbourne.
    From what I understand he was due to go to Europe as part of an Australian Orchestra. He had been training all his life for this but was rudely denied when the vaccine mandates came in.
    Now he can not play for any Governmental organisation or any organisation with any association to the Government.

    BTW Vlad, the guy that organised that rendition does nightly broadcasts on a channel call “cafe locked out” https://rumble.com/user/CafeLockedOut , he talks to regular people about the mandates.
    He would probably do an interview with you, tell you how devastating the Dan Andrews regime has been.
    Webpage: https://www.cafelockedout.com/

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