ISIS threat to DC and Virginia: Links 1, October 30, 2021

1. Toronto prepares to use children from 5 to 11 as human shields by vaccinating them under the theory that they are a repository of a virus that nearly never harms children, but may infect the adults. A technique which is using children as human shields, and is both illegal, and anathema to Western societies. Below, standard Canadian enemy propaganda promoting this plan.

2. Now that the school board was caught covering up for a serial rapist under the rubric of “trans rights”, parents are starting to speak to the board which allowed it to happen. This father was way calmer than he should have been. But hey, all parents who question communist policies at grade school are terrorists now, right? Must make the job of the FBI a lot less dangerous. Maybe that was a union demand.

3. Protest in Edmonton against mandatory injections. Judging by the location, discipline and messaging, I would hazard a guess that this is medical staff.

4. Well waddaya know about that!

5. CDC lies to justify injecting mRNA into children from 5 to 11. Laura Ingram with Dr. Peter McCullough

Thank you Pauline, M., ET., EB., FAM., Kiki, Chris Jones and many many more who increasingly are noticing something is terribly wrong and stepping forward to try and stop it.

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  1. Re: the push to vaccinate children:

    LARRY W. KWAK, MD, PH.D. [named to the TIME100 for his contributions to the science of cancer vaccines, former advisor to FDA]; STEVEN T. ROSEN, MD [Director of a U.S. National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, pioneer in the development of monoclonal antibody and precision drugs for cancer]; IDIT SHACHAR, PH.D. [department chair at one of the world’s leading scientific research institutes in Israel, awarded several patents for treatment of autoimmunity and cancer]: DON’T VACCINATE CHILDREN: “The real threat to children is the unknown long-term complications . . . the potential consequences of vaccines crossing the natural blood-brain barrier in children’s developing brains are of the utmost concern to all future humanity . . . for most children, who rarely become seriously ill from covid-19, particularly those with immunity from prior infection, forging ahead with currently available vaccines makes minimal sense without longitudinal data to review” (“Applying brakes on ‘Warp Speed’ COVID-19 vaccinations for children: The long-term side effects are unknown,” By Dr. Larry Kwak, Dr. Steven T. Rosen and Dr. Idit Shachar, WASHINGTON TIMES, October 28, 2021):

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