BYYyyy Pfizer! Links 2, October 19, 2021

1. California parents protest foced vaxx of children by pulling them from school

(At time of posting, this video shows only 3 views and one upvote. For those who watch, please click through and report what you see.)

2. Ireland which is 92% adult vaxxed, is in the middle of a covid wave and is cancelling its plans to end the lockdown Friday. This from Alex Berenson’s substack. So we know that the Seychelles, Israel, Singapore, Ireland and Scotland seem to have both the highest vaxx rates and highest Covid, whether its case or actually sick people rates as well. Coincidence is definitely the most dangerous factor it seems.

3. I can’t count the number of times I have had conversations with people trying to figure out why the media is hawking a medical product that at the very best, just plum doesn’t work.

4. Victoria looking forward to repressing the recalcitrant well into 2022

Comments are turned off at Youtube. Suggest making them hear in a “dear Dan Andrews” format.

5. Stephen Coughlin speaks at a conference in Florida, August 21st, 2021: The Trimaran Brief: Marxism and why there is no “political middle”

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Below, a rant from one woman in Canada which was really well done I thought, even if its more divisive than we might like, and perhaps even hostile. But in the fullness of the description of the issue, perhaps we can be sympathetic.

If you voted for Trudeau, I’m sorry but I can’t have any type of relationship with you anymore. You people talked so much sh*t about Trump and how he was the worst person in the world and comparable to Hitler, but did he actively try to force every single citizen to comply to his demands otherwise lose everything, lose their jobs and ability to work, pay their bills, feed their children and etc? No. He did not. He wasn’t politically correct and said mean things, and you guys chose to be emotionally reactive and cry about how horrible he was, non stop.

But look at Trudeau. He is a f***ing totalitarian dictator who is literally controlling our lives and is committed to making our lives hell if anyone does not comply and bow down to kiss his feet, despite any personal health concerns. And despite any of this, you guys support this tyrant and think he’s “not that bad’, yet you have the audacity to talk sh*t about other people when Trudeau is literally the most horrible leader we have ever experienced?? Wtf is wrong with you people. You are seriously f***ing brainwashed, and I am so over all of this bullshit.

Anyone who thinks that it is okay to enforce an entire nation to take an injection without their enformed consent, and despite any of their risks, is honestly disgusting. I personally have a history of blood clots and have a gene mutation that puts me at risk of getting blood clots. I got my 2nd DVT a few months ago and still have an active case, so I am actually high risk for a life threatening adverse reaction to these shots. And I have spoken to many people in similar situations that had serious adverse reactions due to this and other health reasons. However, though these health risks are legitimate concerns, they are completely ignored and dismissed by the Trudeau administration and by the general public.

What bothers me the most is that I know some of my family and others around me support this and support Trudeau, despite all of this bullsh*t, and it honestly disgusts me. I never would have let politics affect how I view someone, but this time it’s different than any time before, and it is extremely personal. I tried to speak out for a while because this is something that really crosses the line for me, and it is something I can’t just ignore.

Considering my own personal health risks and it being the main reason I can’t comply to these demands, I really hope that any of you who voted for this dictator are proud that you voted for people to lose their income, their ability to pay their bills and keep a roof over their family’s head, feed their children and etc. And I hope you feel more comfortable knowing that people like me, with very legitimate concerns, will be put on unpaid leave and will be at risk of losing everything. I hope it helps you sleep better at night. And I hope the relationships you have destroyed because of this are worth it.

I have never been more disappointed, disgusted, frustrated, defeated, angry, etc. than I have been these last few months. And I honestly don’t think this is something I can just forgive. I really hope you enjoy the society you’re creating, and that you are happy when our already overwhelmed healthcare system becomes much more understaffed due to these corrupt mandates and terminations and ends up collapsing. I hope you enjoy all the division and the hate that you have contributed towards.

Canada used to be known for being polite and friendly, but I’ve been realizing just how fake all of that was. People here seem to love authoritarianism and pretend to care about people, but it’s all bu**shit. If you don’t follow orders, you deserve to be punished and lose everything, because that was your “choice”. However there was never a choice, only ultimatums. I have honestly never been more ashamed to be Canadian before. ?

To be honest, this reaction to her situation is actually at worst mild and in reality at least appropriate, if not way under reacting. At what point is losing one’s perfect illusion of balance justified?

This has become about self preservation at multiple levels. The government is now an existential threat to ourselves, our bodies, our livelihoods, our liberties and our lives.

Thomas Jefferson wrote something or other about watering trees. I wonder what he meant.


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  1. We know what he (Jefferson) meant, and Dr. Zelenko alluded to it recently when he told us/or reminded us that there are perhaps only 150 people in the entire world who are orchestrating these demonic maneuvers. Their chances against perhaps *only* 1 Billion righteously outraged victims (and here I’m paraphrasing) are so small that it’s not even measurable.

    That one comment from him, and there are others who declare the same, gave me a huge boost of energy today.?

    Thank you for your dedication to the important work of keeping us clear-eyed and focused in the midst of this storm.

  2. The main effector that allows p53 to orchestrate these interactions is NF-kB (Komarova et al., 2005). NF-kB constitutes a key transcription factor acting as one of the main regulators of pro-inflammatory activity in many immune responses. Its activation in leukocytes promotes the expression promotes the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines (IL-1, IL-2, IL-6, TNF-?), chemokines (CXCL1, CXCL10, MCP-1), adhesion molecules (ICAM- 1, VCAM-1, ECAM-1)

    This explains the cytokine storm produced by injecting the COVID 19 vaccne into people and also the clotting cuased by injecting the COVID 19 spike or the MRNA of that spike into people

  3. I’m a follower of Stephen Coughlin’s work, have read his book Catastrophic Failure, and thanks to you, VT, have grown so much in my understanding from the links you’ve provided of his video lectures — he is a national treasure, IMO.

    Thank you for sharing this presentation of his. I’m now re-remembering the M.O. of the left; and I will say that average Jane as I am, I recognized in 2008 — and commented on and argued ad nauseam about it — the truth that no way could America have become so Marxist-leaning had not the GOP aided and abetted the Democrat Party every step of the way.The Republicans have been playing wingman to the Democrat/Communist pilots. It sickens me.

  4. Re the Canadian woman’s rant: yep, that’s exactly how I feel here in good old Europe. Un-be-effing-lievable what’s going on here. She is 150% right. Please do not give up, madam.

  5. #1: The Orange County Register has 100+ comments — it must get more hits than youtube / sarc.
    By the way, this is what hand-written signs look like (as opposed to manufactured protests with signs that someone distributes)

    There is also a report of protests in the northern part of the state (pull out a map because California has 58 counties and at least 1000 school districts)

  6. That woman is right, Dictators that have been installed through “Elections” are the hardest to get rid off, because they have far to many followers that will do any evil to keep those bastards in power.
    They roam the streets and our own homes with the malign self-importance of those whose bigotries are backed by the State.
    And I’ll say it again and again;
    When the powerful turn against us, we must act as the powerful act, which is in one’s own interest, and without Morality or Mercy, since they have shown us that they’ll show us NONE.

    I cannot remember who said the following, I read it somewhere and it stuck with me all through the years since the Rwandan Genocide.

    “There’s only one way to fight, and that’s without mercy.
    Mercy is for the time of Peace. It has no place in War”

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