Vaccine mandates as a weapon in the war on competence (Merit)in favour of blind obedience

Hard not to wonder if the event in the video above, cannot be explained by the ideas below

Thank you EB.


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  1. MAKING MONEY as a TV medical contributor and more…

    The man in the video is named Dr Marquis, he’s the Medic-in-Chief of the Intensive Care Unit of a foremost Montreal hospital. His specialty is promoting the jabs and spreading fear while forever complaining of being overworked due to excessive Covid hospitalizations.

    It’s no wonder he’s overworked. Aside from being a medic and a TV contributor, he also owns a highly specialized distillery and sells his products to Quebec’s Liquor Board (SAAQ, an essential service during pandemics).

    LUCKY, very lucky. He also obtained contracts to produce hydrogel, that hand sanitizing gel. It’s a busy distillery. Conflicts of interests, anyone? He shouldn’t be on TV.

    Here’s the Pandemic overworked doctor:

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