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In these two clips, they don’t mention how many deaths, if any, the Amish experienced due to Covid. If I remember correctly, it was none.

If anyone knows where this whole report is, please post the link in the comments. It looks worth seeing in its entirety.

To justify the kind of measures governments are doing, there should be virtually no Amish, Swedes, some Eastern European nations left un-decimated. So when do we fight back?

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  1. I think that is the whole report. She discusses the report on her podcast.

    “The Amish Covid Experience, Herd Immunity, and Fighting Propaganda (PODCAST)” Sharyl Attkisson – October 17, 2021

    The video below can also be seen on Sharyl Attkisson’s Rumble channel.

    Amish Covid | Full Measure
    Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson – October 11, 2021

  2. Yes. I also caught that report, last week. Very pleased to see it and grateful for Attkisson’s report.

    I appreciate your question, Vlad; it’s more of a call-to-arms in and of itself, I take it, or merely rhetorical.

    Whatever preparations afoot would of necessity be closely guarded, I’m sure you’re aware.

  3. The Amish are heavily involved with the “English” in all sorts of commercial activities, and they have full access to modern medicine and hospitals. They are not some isolated primitive population. They do eschew vaccines (but not doctors and hospitals), and cars (but their neighbors give them rides), and telephones and (some) even electricity. Many drop out of high school, but all of them read and write.

    • The Amish and ultra-Orthodox Jews living in tight communities were among the first beneficiaries of genetic testing. Experiencing a high rate of rare, congenital diseases, both communities welcomed pre-marital testing. That pretty much eliminated these double recessive gene-associated diseases in one generation.

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