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4 Replies to “Some anti-vaxx mandate protest videos from New York City”

  1. – I’ve never seen a said vaccine that wears off so fast. –

    ** Get your second J&J dose ASAP say health experts after FDA advisory committee recommended approval of checkered vaccine: Protection fell from 88% in March to just 3% in August, study finds **

    Experts are urging anyone who received Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine to get a booster shot after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee unanimously voted to recommend a second dose to everyone 18 and up.

    The advisory committee, made up of an array of public health experts, announced on Friday that all adults who were vaccinated with the one-dose vaccine get a second shot at least two months after their first.

    One study, released Thursday but not peer-reviewed, tracked more than 620,000 military veterans who received the vaccine and found that protection fell from 88% in March to just 3% in August.


  2. Who DOESNT test ‘positive’ ?? why did he use the PCR at all?? They have been putting the VAX into the swabs! and they cant diagnose anything? Was it unleashed at the CIC?? perfect place to hit the core of antivax activism.
    Its a slam dunk that NWO is using covid as a way to kill and disable the biggest influencers and leaders.

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