Medical staff marched out of hospital while Macron parties like he owns tomorrow: Links 2, October 16, 2021

1.From another honest doctor, if Ivermectin didn’t work, why is there a war against it?

2. Medical staff escorted from hospital for refusing to be experimented on by a substance they know to be harmful

3. French leader Macron, who was the first to force awful vaxx mandates and passports, even preventing the unvaxxed from buying food locally at one point, celebrates something or other in a crowded room with no masks or social distancing.

4. Masked Criminal Emboldened By Ridiculous CA Shoplifting Law, Walks Behind Pharmacy Counter, Fills His Arms With Prescription Drugs and Walks Away

5. Canada: Reciprocity: New program will help B.C. residents ‘decolonize our backyards’

(It’s voluntary. For now.)

A way for renters, homeowners, and businesses to pay back for living and working on unceded lands

The people behind Reciprocity is working at “decolonizing our backyards.”

What does that mean?

“Essentially, Reciprocity was born to give people a clear and simple way to recognize Indigenous rights,” Sarah Reid, the organization’s program director, tells Vancouver Is Awesome.

Specifically, it’s a way for people living on the historical lands of B.C.’s First Nations to financially recognize that fact. Reid calls it a way to decolonize our collective backyard without waiting for government action.

The mechanics of it are fairly simple. Reciprocity will run different trust funds based on different regions; right now they’re focusing on launching the South Island Reciprocity Trust with a Lower Mainland Reciprocity Trust also in the works (which would include Metro Vancouver).

People will voluntarily choose to pay into the trusts as something akin to rent.

“Through Reciprocity Trusts, British Columbians can start saying thank you for over one hundred and fifty years of rent-free living by paying a little back each year,” states Reciprocity’s website. “These annual payments will go directly to participating Indigenous Nations, who have control over where they accept payments from and what priorities they go towards.”

(I wonder how the ethnically Chinese, who make up a sizeable portion of Vancouver’s land owners will view this program?)

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5 Replies to “Medical staff marched out of hospital while Macron parties like he owns tomorrow: Links 2, October 16, 2021”

  1. Canadian born children are an absolute minority in SWBC schools, where CRT and get whitey is the curriculum.
    Decolonization payments are going to be real popular with all these pajeets, gooks, spics, and muslim hambeasts.
    Sure don’t see many terrible honkies around here.
    Or does the marxist dictatorship only impose it on whites?
    Not a single cent, and the next alphabet creature that even breathes that vile idea around me gets beaten till half-alive, and a rabid skunk shoved down their skinny jeans.
    Just one more reason I don’t need to smashdown commies.
    All you rainbow-pigs are on notice.
    Today, it gets real.

  2. Baizous don’t make any sense at all until you look at them the right way, not as misguided do-gooders who want to make the world a better place, but as conscious probably unattached enemy agents intent on doing as much damage to their host country as they can. Imagine how much everybody would hate the Indians if they had to pay a chunk of Danegeld to them every month while they sat around being pumped up on resentment by the righteous activists.

    And imagine what kind of monster government it would take to tell all its homeowners that they no longer actually own their land anymore and now must pay rent on it because they’re all a bunch of no-good racist thieves. Mmmm… Vote for me…

    What kind of sense does it make to say that just because you live with your tribe down by the river that you own every single square inch of the entire continent and deserve rent from anybody who goes anywhere for the rest of time. It’s ridiculous.

  3. Reciprocity? After the decades of billions of tax dollars pumped into the Department of Indian Affairs…..Chiefs swindling funds and receiving salaries comparable to a Premier or Prime Minister while there are still poor Indians on the reservations? No accountability?
    This goes way past dumb and dumber……

  4. Since native cultures never had a sense of land ownership, then the concept of rent likely wasn’t in their culture either, nevermind their business plan. So this white-man’s construct must be seen as incredibly insulting and racist to the wise tribal elders, who surely will reject the idea out of hand, immediately, lest they be seen to be falling once again to the laughable lure of Europeans’ baubles and fire water.

    Let the ancient and noble native spirit rise up and reject ephemeral, white-man fiat for the sham that it is. Evoke the gods of earth, wind and fire when you tell him flatly, no, his filthy money means nothing compared to the timeless, majestic hawk, the golden sun, and the heavenly stars.

    This would really put us in our place. It would prove the value of the natives cultures that white progressives so ardently exalt.

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