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  1. Corbett Report
    Interview 1667 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

    Audio or video – note section on Alberta’s proof of vax QR code goes live

    Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:
    Watch on Archive / BitChute / Minds / Odysee or Download the mp4

    Story #1: Merck To Double Production Of ‘Breakthrough’ COVID Pill As Nations Line Up To Buy


    “Proceed With Caution At Your Own Peril” – Merck’s COVID ‘Super Drug’ Poses Serious Health Risks, Scientists Warn


    Drugmakers seek FDA clearance for antiviral pill; Texas Gov. Greg Abbott moves to ban vaccine mandates: Latest COVID-19 updates


    Merck’s Covid Pill Could Pose Serious Risks, Scientists Warn


    Goldman Sachs’ Profiles In Innovation: The Genome Revolution


    Story #2: Proof-Of-Vax QR Code Goes Live In Alberta


    Belarusian President Claims IMF & World Bank Offered him a Bribe to Impose COVID Restrictions


    Transcript of IMF Press Briefing


    President Magufuli Dead at 61


    Story #3: New Coalition of Musicians Opposing Vax Mandates and Segregation


    Faithless Town – “New World Order” (Official Video)


    Know Your Meme: Let’s Go Brandon




    Revolt Begins At Southwest Airlines As Air Traffic Controllers Stage Walkout Over Mandate


    Let’s Go Brandon Merch


    Intel Supplier Communications – Intel’s Response and its COVID-19 Policy


    The New World Next Week Store


    • How can Mastodon have suspended you? A given pod could. Have you tried to join this pod and post? Are you sure its not like WordPress, where some wordpress sites might ban you, but overall WordPress cannot?

    • Humanity’s low IQ
      With such, there’s much one can do:
      Submit to a Master
      Needs are the Answer
      And fathers removed from the crew.

    • Bell Curves are not wrong.
      They are a distribution of evidence.
      They state: not all people are equal within it.
      And reveal a street-level average.
      These Curves of Religions, Cultures and Races.

      Many low civilizations cry out for dictators to create their greatest form of peace such as China, Russia, Africa and Islam. All necessitate brutality from their police as populations breed from the lowest stock. No one marries the rabbi’s daughter but entangles with the brief alure of the slut raised high with her body held in awe to be exposed or hidden in mystery for the dogs they breed.

      It’s just that Diversity has not caught up yet. And then stamp the boot on each face, and all will be well. Hate Crimes.

      America, the nation that started with the freedoms and responsibilities of the individual. Where will they go? Where will they obtain independence and rational thought?

      And where on the internet will they never be hunted down?

      • Not to Vlad Tepes blog mastodon pod. Like his tyrant namesake, he actively blocks users that would be his greatest boosters. He would probably impale them, if he could.

        • Actually I have not blocked anyone. Check your junk mail. As I explained carefully in the instructions, the email confirmation usually goes to people’s junk mail.

          Sorry for any inconvenience, but that is something i cannot help. If you tell me the user name you signed on with, I can approve you manually.

  2. Hate Crimes
    I saw on the news the other day that the FBI is encouraging people to report hate crimes. But remember, all Hate Crimes are not equal. Some are hate crimes. Others are Hate Crimes. Do you understand this? All crime is not equal. Not even the uber crime called “hate”.


  3. I have tried several times to get registered on Mastadon. No e-mail in my inbox or spam or any other new e-mails. Must be a glitch, and I am sure it will get sorted out.
    I truly enjoy this site and it has been one of the most trusted go-to’s for me when I need to get good, accurate information and best links to the truth, not the lies spilled all over by CBC, CTV, etc. I also appreciate the videos, especially Tucker Carlson.
    Several friends of mine also come here, and I tell new friends about it, too. I don’t comment on articles, but I am not one who posts comments. Not often. Perhaps there may be some tweaks and I can get on Mastadon too.

  4. Bank of England tells ministers to intervene on digital currency ‘programming’

    The Bank of England has called on ministers to decide whether a central bank digital currency should be “programmable”, ultimately giving the issuer control over how it is spent by the recipient.

    Tom Mutton, a director at the Bank of England, said during a conference on Monday that programming could become a key feature of any future central bank digital currency, in which the money would be programmed to be released only when something happened.

    He said: “You could introduce programmability – what happens if one of the participants in a transaction puts a restriction on [future use of the money]?

    “There could be some socially beneficial outcomes from that, preventing activity which is seen to be socially harmful in some way. But at the same time it could be a restriction on people’s freedoms.”

    He warned that the Government would be required to intervene and make the final decision.

    Mr Mutton said: “That is a really delicate debate that needs to be had. It is not something we can settle ourselves, that is for the Government to lead on.”

    A digital currency could make payments faster, cheaper and safer, but also opens up new technological possibilities, including programming: effectively allowing a party in a transaction, such as the state or an employer, to control how the money is spent by the recipient.

    One potential use could be control over benefits payments, said Sandra Ro, chief executive of the Global Blockchain Business Council.

    She compared a programmed digital currency to the US system of paying benefits in vouchers, as it could have a similar goal of restricting the recipient to buying only essentials such as food with the money.

    Earlier this month Sir Jon Cunliffe, a deputy Governor at the Bank, said digital currencies could be programmed for commercial or social purposes, even down to the way children spend pocket money.

    He told Sky News: “You could think of smart contracts in which the money would be programmed to be released only if something happened.

    “You could think of giving your children pocket money, but programming the money so that it couldn’t be used for sweets. There is a whole range of things that money could do, programmable money, which we cannot do with the current technology.”

    A Treasury spokesman said: “Programmability is a potential feature of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The Taskforce is coordinating the exploration of a potential CBDC and no decisions have been taken on whether to introduce a CBDC in the UK or its design.”

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