Latest videos from the streets of Lebanon

Could be from the ministry of tourism. But I don’t think they are. Thank you C.

Did these snipers learn protest control from the Australian police? Or the other way around.

Can’t really support multiculturalism unless you think this is OK

This is at the moment it was sent, a live feed:



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  1. If my memory serves me well, Lebanon was turned into a hell on earth when Yasser Arafat and his gang of murderous thugs were expelled from the land known as Palestine to reside in Lebanon.
    Remember all the plane hijackings they carried out?
    Killing wheelchair bound Jews on cruise ships?
    Mass murderers at airports?
    And other atrocities?

    • Arafat didn’t stay long though, he and his gang found found shelter in Khadaffi’s Lybia.
      Later, Hezbollah took over, and they’re an Iranian proxy. So Iran (together with Syria) has been running the show ever since.

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