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4 Replies to “Project Veritas busts Pfizer scientists saying that natural immunity is a LOT better than the vaxx”

  1. Why do they all sound like they’re employed by the Nazis?
    I’m just doing what I’m told, I’m not doing anything wrong.
    It’s the current Law after all that protects us.

    Do those people live in a Monster Bubble and they really don’t give a damn what their own actions are doing to Billions of people?
    It certainly looks like that they’re all missing a functioning conscience.

  2. “In the case of the flu vaccine, it’s either dead virus in the shot, or a really weak form of the virus in the nasal spray. If you’ve never been exposed to those strains of flu before, then you may get a fever, muscle aches, stuffy nose, or sore throat — but it’s short lived.,”

    “The issue with flu in particular is that it mutates or changes every season, so we have to change the flu shot to keep up with those changes.”

    “The Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccines being used are focused on a harmless protein on the outside of the virus itself. The vaccines either include the protein in the shot or trigger the body to make that protein. Then, the body’s fighter cells start fighting against the protein because it’s foreign. The thought is that when those same fighter cells, or antibodies, see the real virus, it will be ready to attack it immediately — even before it multiplies and infects the person”

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