A day in Trudeaugrad

Today has been a disturbing day. Evidence of Soviet like communism, ranging from plainclothes KGB policing and destroying restaurant’s ability to stay open, to more I can’t say without hurting good people, is epidemic in Ontario now. There are brief pockets of resistance. Some town’s police forces have told the mayor to stuff these Vaxx edicts and they won’t enforce them. But in the cities, its on.

But fascism and communist authoritarianism doesn’t end there. Read this Twitter thread to get a sense of why it’s stupid to use social media. At least social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. and believe that what you see represents anything other than the narrative. To use myself as an example, I have zero followers on Substack. But if I make a comment there under Alex Berenson’s posts, I get more likes and responses than I do on Twitter where I have been allowed to have 2250 followers. So clearly Twitter plays with the availability of posts by anyone not, shall we say, of the body.

More and more athletic young men are dying or being taken out of the game of ‘coincidence’.

And even the Telegraph is saying that Teenage boys are in more danger from the vaxx than the disease it doesn’t protect you from. Its almost like the leftist publications are facing the consequences of what they have been striving for and realizing it was actually, quite a bad idea.

Oh and are people here still using Facebook? Cause even The Atlantic thinks thats a problem

The Largest Autocracy on Earth

Facebook is acting like a hostile foreign power; it’s time we treated it that way.

In 1947, Albert Einstein, writing in this magazine, proposed the creation of a single world government to protect humanity from the threat of the atomic bomb. His utopian idea did not take hold, quite obviously, but today, another visionary is building the simulacrum of a cosmocracy.

Mark Zuckerberg, unlike Einstein, did not dream up Facebook out of a sense of moral duty, or a zeal for world peace. This summer, the population of Zuckerberg’s supranational regime reached 2.9 billion monthly active users, more humans than live in the world’s two most populous nations—China and India—combined.

To Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and CEO, they are citizens of Facebookland. Long ago he conspicuously started calling them “people” instead of “users,” but they are still cogs in an immense social matrix, fleshy morsels of data to satisfy the advertisers that poured $54 billion into Facebook in the first half of 2021 alone—a sum that surpasses the gross domestic products of most nations on Earth.

The article continues to say that even Hillary Clinton thought of Zuckerberg as an authoritarian. And in fairness to Hillary, he did ask Xi to name his wife’s baby.

Here is a video from yet another doctor who decided to actually do the tests that the CDC or FDA cannot be arsed to do. He did blood tests on people after the first and second dose of the vaccine and shows you the results. Punchline: After the second dose, your overall immune system’s ability to defend you from everything from a scratch to cancer is in the toilet.

Youtube feels you have no right to real science while telling you that whatever they want to be policy is science. Here is the missing video.

I sent this video out to a doctor friend. I hope to find out if what is being shown here is meaningful.

Meanwhile, in the last 24 hours, two close friends have now had phone calls from Big Brother asking if they “need help making an appointment” to get the clot-shot. And it was only weeks ago when it was illegal for whoever these Stasi agents are, to have your personal medical data, let alone call and coerce you about your choices.

I think the way to close off this fear-driven-rant with a couple of Rand Paul videos. Remember, he is also a doctor.

The Anglosphere appears to teach us one thing that many people tried to say for the past few decades.

When the wall fell, it didn’t mean we won the cold war. It just meant the polarity changed.

The last variant: The Tyrant variant





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  1. You can add one more person to the list being given a clot shot offer in eastern Ontario. Provincial health ministry rang twice, the first call was missed and they didn’t want to leave a message. The second time, the person on the line was cordial and offered to schedule the shot asap at a local drug store. Declined, friendly tone and no reasons needed to be provided. Province has a list of the unjabbed and are now reaching out to the people.

    • Someone should call the police. Some anonymous minimum wage worker should not have people’s private medical records. They should be arrested for possession of them.

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