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8 Replies to “Yet ANOTHER doctor comes out with the actual science on masks and these mRNA shots in public testimony”

  1. Hopefully soon there will be a large number of people that get a good bitch-slappin. Spoke to 2 people today. First woman I have known for over 30 years. Her husband died recently “It was very quick, sick one day died the next. Her mother died just a month earlier. She died of a brain bleed.

    Second young woman told me her father and mother died within days of each other. Brain bleeds. She got the first shot, had a terrible rash break out on her torso, will not get the second shot. Her son who has allergies asked to be exempted from the shot from the city he works for. The woman at the place where he took his doctor’s note, told him just get the damn shot. He and his mother are not sleeping very well, his mother said quit and we will figure something out.

    Doug Ford, might think he is God, however he needs to stop this criminal behaviour NOW. How many more lives will be ruined before people finally stand up to this criminal bastard?

    I have been following the VARES Report from the start, tragic how many lives have been ruined, but by God it is gutting-wrenching to stand face to face with people and see the pain in their lives. When did we become such a soulless nation?

    Stop the vaccines.

  2. Mysterious ailment spreading – woman in Western Canada, woman in Southern Ontario and woman in Northern Ontario have a rash covering a percentage of their bodies. Their doctors have no idea the cause in each case. Two had it appear within days of second shot and one had it days after first shot. The doctors say it could NOT be from the shot!

    • Yeah “mysterious” unless you’ve been following the side-effects of the injections. There is no mystery about it. And doctors will ALWAYS say “it can’t possibly be from the shot.” They are liars.

      In my house (4/5 vaxxed, I refuse) all kinds of strange things have been happening to the injected…spontaneous nosebleeds, chest infections, facial swelling, intestinal issues. My father-in-law almost died from myocarditis 2 weeks after the second shot. One of my house residents has lost ALL of her stamina…she can’t even do basic things without gasping for air.

      …and naturally, no one blames any of this on the damned shot. I keep saying “What is the ONE THING you did this year that involves taking EXPERIMENTAL NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE ON HUMANS GENE THERAPY? And why are you pretending that it couldn’t POSSIBLY be affecting you?”

  3. Here in Dictator Doug Ford’s kingdom, Dr Patrick Phillips, of Englehart, Ontario has been suspended for “disgrace conduct” aka telling the truth.

    Ditch Doug Ford

    • OberFattenFuehrer Ford is only part of the problem. He’s a fat puppet dancing to the command of the public health officials and a mysterious group called the Ontario Science Table. They are all unelected, and mostly anonymous. The Ontario government has ceeded enormous amounts of power to these faceless white jackets and THEY are running the show.

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