Reeducation camps and when do we admit its communism? Links 1, September 28, 2021

1. AFFIDAVIT OF LTC. Theresa Long M.D. in support of a motion for a preliminary injunction order

I, Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, MD, MPH, FS being duly sworn, depose and state as follows:

1. I make this affidavit, as a whistle blower under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act, Title 10 U.S.C. § 1034, in support of the above referenced MOTION as expert testimony in support thereof.

2. The expert opinions expressed here are my own and arrived at from my persons, professional and educational experiences taken in context, where appropriate, by scientific data, publications, treatises, opinions, documents, reports and other information relevant to the subject matter and are not necessarily those of the Army or Department of Defense.

Experience & Credentials

3. I am competent to testify to the facts and matters set forth herein. A true and accurate copy of my curriculum vitae is attached hereto as Exhibit A.

4. After receiving a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas Austin, completed my medical degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Medical School in 2008. I served as a Field Surgeon for ten years and went on to complete a residency in Aerospace and Occupational Medicine at the United States Army School of Aviation Medicine, Fort Rucker, AL. I hold a Master’s in Public Health, and I have been trained by the Combat Readiness Center at Ft. Rucker as an Aviation Safety Officer. Additionally, I have trained in the Medical Management of Chemical and Biological Causalities at Fort Detrick and USAMIIRD.

5. I am board-certified in flight Aerospace Medicine and board eligible in Occupational Medicine.

6. I am currently serving as the Brigade Surgeon for the 1st Aviation Brigade Ft. Rucker, Alabama and am responsible for certifying the health, mental and physical ability, and readiness for all nearly 4,000 individuals on flight status on this post.

7. My appended curriculum vitae further demonstrates my academic and scientific achievements by me over the past thirteen years.

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2. The Ottawa Catholic School board has begun reeducation camps for anyone who has not yet accepted the newest form of sacrament into their veins. Unlike former communists who fought the Church, its much more effective to just hijack the Church. Like making the pilot the jihadi instead of trying to sneak one on board to take over the plane. And if this course is anything like my last trip to the dentist, you will have to sign and initial STATEMENTS OF BELIEF before you can continue in whatever professional relationship you had before. Yes, you have to sign a statement of what you believe to be true, which is what they tell you, before you can get your teeth cleaned. So hard to imagine what this course entails. Segment below:

This course will address:
i. how COVID-19 vaccines work;
ii. vaccine safety related to the development of the COVID-19 vaccines; iii. the benefits of vaccination against COVID-19;
iv. risks of not being vaccinated against COVID-19; and
v. possible side effects of COVID-19 vaccination.

In order to access the course, you need to self-register on Vector Solutions’ website. Please click the link below for instructions on completing the self-registration and on accessing the course. Note that the course will take 21 minutes to complete.

Self Registration COVID-19 Vaccination Educational Video 2021-2022 – see instructions below

3. Berliners vote ‘yes’ on property expropriation, but what happens now?

A referendum proposing that authorities in Berlin seize and take into public ownership more than 200,000 homes has passed resoundingly. But political and legal hurdles mean it may never become reality.

The “DW und Co. Enteignen” (Expropriate Deutsche Wohnen and Co.) referendum campaign has now cleared all its electoral hurdles. The vote passed with a resounding “Yes” vote of 56.4% in Sunday’s poll in the capital. Crucially, more than 25% of all elibible voters in Berlin voted yes, a difficult requirement that has previously tripped up other popular campaigns.

Berliners have spoken and what they have to say is clear: they want city authorities to pass a law which would allow for the expropriation of what they call “private” real estate companies, specifically those that own more than 3,000 housing units. The campaigners say the companies would be compensated at a rate “well below market value.”

(What is German for, “Kill the Kulaks”? Anyone know? So we can recognize it when the good burgers chant it with ropes and pitchforks this winter.)

4. Sir Keir Starmer says Labour MP Rosie Duffield was ‘not right’ to say ‘only women have a cervix’ as he calls for ‘mature, respectful debate about trans rights’

Sir Keir Starmer today said a Labour MP was wrong to say that ‘only women have a cervix’. 

Rosie Duffield, the MP for Canterbury, has opted to stay away from the Labour Party‘s annual conference in Brighton amid online threats from trans activists who view her remarks as discriminatory.  

Sir Keir said this morning that ‘it is something that shouldn’t be said’ and ‘it is not right’.  The Labour leader said there needed to be a ‘mature, respectful debate about trans rights’ at the conference. 

(We should add that it is highly rude to people pretending to be chickens and many other animals, to say that only these animals have a gizzard. Trans-species rights must be respected so long as we are bulldozing down our reality.)

5. Letter to College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta from a well credentialed doctor.

(Might be fun to have a sort of Vlad Tepes office pool to guess the date that Tucker Carlson will actually just come out and say this is a Communist Revolution across the Anglosphere. Clearly it is, and clearly he knows it. But when will he feel the time is right to say it out loud? Of course, he will make several allusions to it before he states it, so we can’t be too precice on who wins because an allusion to it is an admission of it in some ways. Still, when will those allusions start? When will the statement happen?

I would say before Canadian thanksgiving for allusions, since there is a good chance there will be a planned lockdown for it, and probably planned shortages as well, and American Thanksgiving for the clear statement.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on it. Maybe you think never. Or this isn’t what it is. Either way comment if you like.)

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  1. 2.

    “Religion is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think.”
    Arthur Schopenhauer

  2. 3.

    That would be – “tötet die Kulaken” –
    or like it is here in South Africa – “Kill the Boere”
    same thing, same outcome – Famine
    But I guess that this is exactly what those Globalists would like to see so that they can establish more easily their Neo-Feudalism.
    Not that they’re far away from their goal with all those morons complying happily with each and every new arbitrary mandate that curbs their personal Freedom and closes the shackles around their wrists and ankles.
    Anyway, what does a Slave need personal Freedom for, if he/she/it is “safely” being looked after by their Masters?
    Even the time of their Dead is then determined – Digitally – and those morons seem to believe that mere existing at the whim of some Government flunkie is LIFE.
    I wouldn’t even consider such an existence if it prolonged my Life, because it wouldn’t be a Life worth living.
    When you let DEATH become your friend and not your master, you have nothing to fear in Life.

  3. 2. I sat in front of a man today, saying his daughter’s (aged 9). best friend’s indentity was the pronounced they and them. His colleague said the human species was only male and female. The meltdown of rage of disrespect to the pronouned, was vitrololic.

    I said calmly, ( paraphrasing Jordan Peterson): ‘you can wrap a child in cotton wool or teach them how to think.’

    The head of his household was femaled.

  4. Portpass Vaccine Passport App May Have Exposed Hundreds Of Thousands Of Users’ Personal Data

    Private proof-of-vaccination app Portpass exposed personal information, including the driver’s licences, of what could be as many as hundreds of thousands of users by leaving its website unsecured.

    On Monday evening, CBC News received a tip that the user profiles on the app’s website could be accessed by members of the public.

    The information was not encrypted and could be viewed in plain text.

    Earlier in the day, the Calgary-based company’s CEO Zakir Hussein had denied the app had verification or security issues and accused those who raised concerns about it of breaking the law.

  5. Rex Murphy: How COVID-19 Taught The Public To Distrust The Authorities

    Early on during the pandemic, it was easy to accept that the politicians, guided by their selected cadre of experts, knew what they were doing. And there was likewise in the public mind a considerable reservoir of trust in their pronouncements, which was not diminished if — in the very early days — a caution or a recommendation put out one week was altered, revised, or even contradicted by a caution or recommendation the week following.

  6. Orban: Mass Migration Part Of ‘Global Plan‘ To Create A ‘New Proletariat‘

    Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán believes the mass migration agenda is part of a “global plan” to create a “new proletariat” in the West, advanced by people who care nothing for culture and national identity and consider only economics.

    He speaks the truth.

    “That’s where Century Initiative comes in. We advocate for policies to increase Canada’s population to 100 million by 2100. And we support the long-term thinking and planning required to manage this growth well – ensuring a high quality of life and standard of living for all Canadians.”

    The Century initiative is complete bullshit of course. Mass immigration means a smaller piece of the pie for the average Joe who can expect depressed wages and high costs due to contrived shortages. They don’t care where the bodies come from, people are simply a commodity to these monsters.

  7. Ontario Doctor Accused Of Spreading COVID Misinformation

    Ontario’s medical regulator says it has imposed a number of restrictions on a family physician accused of spreading misinformation about COVID-19.

    The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario says Dr. Patrick Phillips, who is based in Englehart, is now barred from providing medical exemptions regarding COVID-19 vaccines, masking requirements and testing.


  8. 2.

    the fifteenth day of May, 1891,


    On the Condiction of the Working Classes

    51. These lesser societies and the larger society differ in many respects, because their immediate purpose and aim are different. Civil society exists for the common good, and hence is concerned with the interests of all in general, albeit with individual interests also in their due place and degree. It is therefore called a public society, because by its agency, as St. Thomas of Aquinas says, “Men establish relations in common with one another in the setting up of a commonwealth.”(36) But societies which are formed in the bosom of the commonwealth are styled private, and rightly so, since their immediate purpose is the private advantage of the associates. “Now, a private society,” says St. Thomas again, “is one which is formed for the purpose of carrying out private objects; as when two or three enter into partnership with the view of trading in common.”(37) Private societies, then, although they exist within the body politic, and are severally part of the commonwealth, cannot nevertheless be absolutely, and as such, prohibited by public authority. For, to enter into a “society” of this kind is the natural right of man; and the State has for its office to protect natural rights, not to destroy them; and, if it forbid its citizens to form associations, it contradicts the very principle of its own existence, for both they and it exist in virtue of the like principle, namely, the natural tendency of man to dwell in society.

    52. There are occasions, doubtless, when it is fitting that the law should intervene to prevent certain associations, as when men join together for purposes which are evidently bad, unlawful, or dangerous to the State. In such cases, public authority may justly forbid the formation of such associations, and may dissolve them if they already exist. But every precaution should be taken not to violate the rights of individuals and not to impose unreasonable regulations under pretense of public benefit. For laws only bind when they are in accordance with right reason, and, hence, with the eternal law of God.(38)

    “Common Good” and “There are occasions, doubtless, when it is fitting that the law should intervene to prevent certain associations, as when men join together for purposes which are evidently bad, unlawful, or dangerous to the State.” sounds a bit like communism.

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