Australia’s waterpark slide into tyranny and authoritarianism post 2

1. 7News propaganda organ condemns freedom protests with the harshest adjectives it could think of while Victorian Police lie about respecting rights to protest, then threaten protestors in strong terms.

2. Protests due to “far right extremists” because only far right extremists would want the most basic of civil liberties like not being force injected with experimental goo, or to go for a coffee without doing so. For that matter, there doesn’t appear to be much evidence getting the goo allows any more freedoms. In any case, “far right extremists”. But when there are this many, doesn’t that require a redefining of “extreme”? Cause typically that would be less than 1% of any group, wouldn’t it?

3. Media now denied ability to film riot police crushing freedom

If anyone wonders why the state will not allow filming of the use of the monopoly of state force against the people, Goebbels explained it perfectly here:

4. Military in unmarked vehicle attack unarmed protestor (2nd video)

5. Police fire rubber bullets at Tradies protestors

Thank you all who contributed to this post. We are a little frantic here at Vlad Tepes and I hope you will forgive us if posting is slightly more chaotic and unrefined for the day. 

Don’t forget that at 8:00 tonight ET, Project Veritas’ second expose of the Vaxx is being released. And speaking at a personal level, the first release met and exceeded expectations in several ways. They promise this will be more impactful tonight.

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  1. global news – Anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine mandate protesters gather for 3rd day in Melbourne

    Video contains violent content not suitable for all viewers.

    The protests followed a decision by authorities to make vaccines mandatory for construction workers and to enforce the closure of building sites from Tuesday, citing non-compliance with health rules.

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