Enemy propaganda, and Israeli VAERS project, Chinese leak shows virus DELIBERATELY leaked: Links 1, September 22, 2021

1. Scientism. The hijacking of the language of science, to push a political agenda at the expense of scientific truth.

2. This link is to an Israeli project to document vaxx adverse reactions since the media even in Israel will not touch it. This has a video of the testiminies, as well as a breakdown by category. Unfortunately, they set this up without a way to embed the video, so click through to see the materials.

3. Austria denies social programs to non-vaccinated

Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen, who was inaugurated as the Federal President of the Republic of Austria on January 26, 2017, has taken another undemocratic, authoritarian position that anyone unemployed because of the state’s lockdowns who refuses the vaccine will lose ALL benefits. This is absolute tyranny and a disgrace to any country that pretends to be free. It has been reported:

“Unusual measure: Austria’s Minister of Labor Martin Kocher (ÖVP) has decided to block unemployment benefits for job seekers if they do not apply for a reasonable position because a vaccination is required there or simply not accepting an offered position.”

Something is seriously wrong. The vaccination was supposed to protect you, but now the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated. Does that then prove that the vaccinations do not work? If the death rate is less than 1%, then why are governments forcing such vaccines?

This is a very serious issue. So Miss Piggy checked MSM Austrian news, and while the rhetoric is toned down, it is factually correct. If a person is not working for the sole reason they are unvaccinated, they are denied all social benefits and payments they have worked and contributed to for their whole lives. Miss Piggy offers clarification:

“If you currently receive unemployment benefits, you cannot refuse to take a job if being hired requires a jab. If you refuse, no money for you. These gov. agencies also “help” find you work and if they find you a reasonable job that requires a jab and you refuse – no more money for you.”

4. VERY disturbing article about Wuhan Flu origins behind paywall at The Telegraph.

But you can register free without CC to read for a day or something. Its annoying but worth it. And the name Peter Daszak keeps showing up in connection with every evil act and decision connected to this virus. Also ZeroHedge has a version of it free here.

5. Chinese whistleblower claims first COVID outbreak was INTENTIONAL and happened in October 2019 at Military World Games in Wuhan – two months before China notified the world about virus

A whistleblower has sensationally claimed China deliberately spread Covid at a military tournament two months before the rest of the world knew about the deadly virus.

Ex-Chinese Communist Party insider Wei Jingsheng said The World Military Games in October 2019 could have acted as the virus’ first superspreader event.

The international tournament for military athletes was held in Wuhan – the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic – two months before China notified the World Health Organisation about its first cases.

Mr Jingsheng claimed it was no coincidence some of the 9,000 international athletes who gathered for the event reportedly became sick with a mystery illness.

Please also see this leaked speech by a Chinese General Chi Haotian in 2003, who detailed their plans for world domination. Its quite an amazing read and was written about by Clare Lopez, retired CIA instructor.

Thank you M., Johnny U., Miss Piggy, Hellequin GB., Plona, Kalloi, Mad W. PW., EW., ET., Richard, Marianne W., and a long list of wonderful people to whom I, and each of us are grateful for their efforts in what increasingly appears to be the darkest time in living memory.

Please click through to Gates of Vienna for a disturbing three minute excerpt of a video of a former head of the Vatican bank on the great reset.


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11 Replies to “Enemy propaganda, and Israeli VAERS project, Chinese leak shows virus DELIBERATELY leaked: Links 1, September 22, 2021”

  1. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/prince-andrew-officially-served-sexual-assault-lawsuit-court-docs-show

    Just thought I’d mention that I looked up the age of sexual consent in New York and it’s seventeen, which happens to be the very age that Miss Virginia-the-teenage-hooker was when this alleged “sexual battery” took place. Why is this being pursued? Andrew is being accused of having perfectly legal sex with an attractive young woman who was only “underage” in the sense of her legal majority, not for purposes of anything sexual. See what they did there…?

    It’s like being charged with going to the fridge and pouring yourself a glass of milk… I smell a Democrat judge who simply hates the Royal Family and is willing to bend the rules to persecute them by any means necessary – the concepts of fairness and objectivity being outdated, right-wing, and white (racist)…

    • That is an excellent presentation by Dr. Flemming.

      He is correct about Nuremberg 2 but unfortunately the victors determine the rules and write history.

      Currently it is unknown if the good guys or the deep state/globalist/elites are going to win. If the good guys lose there will be no Nuremberg 2.

      Perhaps that is the reason the government powers in all countries are doubling down on tyranny so as not to lose and be hung.

  2. The Gates of Vienna video isn’t really news. We know that people like Bill Gates and others are trying to reduce world population by funding abortion and birth control in Africa especially.
    This Professor is no longer with the Vatican Bank, there have been some turnovers there because of scandals, which I haven’t followed too closely. I don’t know how or if he was involved.
    He’s currently (according to Wikipedia) Professor of Ethics at the Université Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.
    He mentions that the Great Reset ignores Natural Law, which is a fundamental of Catholic Teaching. (Natural Law, not ignoring it). and he also mentions a neo Malthusian worldview, to which the Church does not subscribe. The Church sees every human being, once they are here, willed by God and made in His image and likeness.
    His words:
    (The old Great Reset) “was founded upon a series of facts which ignore Natural Law which we can define as not always natural and pretty utopian.”
    “Why is the population growth rate supposed to be reduced? Because according to a neo-Malthusian worldview the more people are born, the more people consume etc.”
    From listening to the video it seems to me that he’s describing a worldview, not that he’s involved or approves in any way.

  3. I found his statement quite vague. The so-called reset of the ’70s was the closing of the U.S. gold window August 15, 1971 and then the creation of the petrodollar. This was brought about by DeGaul’s initiating the conversion of U.S. T-bills into gold bullion. Therefore the changes that took place were for self-preservation, not a grand scheme cooked up by globalist collectivists. Nixon was doing the only thing he could to preserve the dollar in the face of mounting expenses, full stop. Also, I see the hanging of this conspiracy theory–which I am obviously discounting–around Kissinger’s neck as subtly and deftly anti-Semitic. Making these vague remarks and then blaming a Joo gives plenty of pliable dinks just the ah-ha moment they crave, no?

    In fact, the more I think of it the more I resent this man’s abstract, matter-of-fact, nonsensical blatherings for contributing to the perpetual disinformation torrent against which we, the people who are forever dusting off their objectivity, must forever hold up an umbrella to shed bullshit.

    Today we see self-proclaimed, bold-faced globalists DECLARING their intentions to carry out a written U.N. Declaration Agenda 2030.

    No comparing what this banker says about the ’70s, and now. He’s trying to dress it up as something deeper and more mysterious than the power grab it is by a rich and connected cabal.

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