Scenes from Australian protests (Caution: Violence)

It seems to me, that 100% unlike leftist protests, none of the demonstrators against Covid measures and forced vaxx want destruction or violence, and if the police were not even present, there wouldn’t be any. While leftist demos are profoundly destructive and police bend a damned knee to them. This is, as we point out often, not hypocritical, but two ends of a continuum. What is revolutionary shall be encouraged and in no way inhibited, and what is counter-revolutionary, like wanting your freedoms and individual rights back, will be crushed with “a whole of government response” (a phrase I see more and more).

More will be added to this post and the comments as they become known.

Scroll up and down on this thread to find videos on Melbourne and regional Victoria protests.


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  1. Seems to me, considering the capitulation to blm & antifa & isis & taliban demands by the newly tyrannical govts around the world, that tyrannical govts only understand and respect all out violence.

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