More from CDC Panel and Project Veritas promises major expose on VAXX: Links post 1 for September 18, 2021

Last night we posted two astonishing Tweets with clips from the CDC hearings. If you haven’t seen them, please do so at your earliest.

Here is a third. This guy is very clever. He knows what is true, and tries to get the CDC to do proper trials and tests, which they have not done for the various vaccines, by claiming to be onside with them.

1. Doctor on Vaxx panel explains that those who refuse the Vaxx are more informed than those who do not

2. I wonder how the people who claim the moral high ground because they are all about black rights are handling the FACT that overwhelmingly black people are refusing the latest government experimental injection?

3. Project Veritas promises to do an expose on the Vaxx 8:00 PM Monday ET

4. Viktor Orbán Gives Pope Warning About Mass Migration to the West

However, Pope Francis is unlikely to change his mind and this was emphasized when he told a crowd in Budapest that Hungarians should “extend their arms to everyone,” referring to migrants and refugees.

The Pope has repeatedly performed public relations stunts to advocate for mass migration from non-Christian countries into the west, including infamously when he met with the Rwandan refugee who later went on to kill a French priest and burn down a cathedral.

5. More from James O’Keefe on the forced injection of millions who do not want it

Thank you EB., M., Johnny U., Chris Jones, MarcusZ1967, PC., Hellequin GB., MissPiggy, Will, Oz-Rita and MANY more who are staying engaged even as the cost of doing so rises. It does appear that we were waged war upon, that we lost, and that the fight is now a new war to win back classical values and civilization. Its better to know where we are than a fantasy of where we are not. We are no longer opposing an attempt to take over our states and institutions. We are now fighting to reclaim them, or more likely to form new ones with the correct values, and shift our resources to those.

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