Jordan Peterson to Italian conference on early treatment of Covid: Links 2, September 15, 2021

1. Rex Murphy, former CBC host who was at CBC for plausible deniability as the only non-communist there, speaks with Jordan Peterson who appears to be regaining his stride.
Both these men are exellent thinkers and speakers. But from the perspective of where we are on these issues, it isn’t till around 16 minutes give or take a couple, that they say anything that matters. And that would be that our leaders and Pied Pipering us all to global governance and tyranny under the rubric of climate change.

2. NZ PM is creating a mighty engine of dialectic destruction with race based government

3. Are there any doctors reading this site that can tell me if there is any sense to this video at all? There is too much jargon to apply basic reason to it to determine any veracity.

4. Trudeau on free speech: “You don’t have the freedom to hate”

(Seems like he does though. Just listen to him talk about those who are choosing to wait for the safety results of the mRNA injections. He clearly has the right to hate “those people”.)

“No one should feel unsafe, particularly not someone who’s coming out to volunteer and support in a political campaign to make this country even better”, Trudeau told media in Halifax.

Justin Trudeau told media that Canadians “don’t have the freedom to hate” during a press conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia this morning.

The prime minister was nearly one hour late for the event, which included appearances by fellow Liberal Party of Canada candidates Andy Fillmore, Bernadette Jordan and Dominic LeBlanc.

5. There was an international summit on Covid in Italy which just ended. There isn’t much available in English yet, but apparently that is coming. To read about it, please see this Twitter thread. Below, a video of the conference which appears to be mostly in Italian, although the intro is by Zev Zelenko.

(Some of it is in English. I will attempt to extract and post those segments and have sent the Italian bits to the team)

Thank you M., Johnny U., Malca, ET., Marianne W., PC., EB., Rich J., and MANY more who are trying to make both sense of the world, and find ways of making it better, and perhaps at this juncture, more practically, not letting it get worse.

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