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2 Replies to “Dr. Fauci Predicted a Pandemic Under Trump in 2017 | NowThis”

  1. Did dear Dr. Fauci predict the number of children whose lives have been greatly changed because of feckless, power, money grubbing global goons? Did dear Dr. Fauci have prior knowledge of the reactions of all the so called adults in the world who would act like gutless cowards instead of thinking about what the fear drivers, aka politicians had planned? Good God people, it is time everyone grew a spine, grew up, stopped the me me me shit and cared about all the young kids. Justine Trudeau, out on the stump, whipping up more division, telling the voters the unvaccinated are making our children sick. This global bastard is a disgrace, vote him out and let’s go back to living, we can build our lives back far far better without this narcissistic maniac. KIDS LIVES SHOULD MATTER.

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