The California recall vote is being stolen by 70%

Even if they do let this guy vote, and the 70% of people who’s vote was stolen, doesn’t that just at most cancel the stolen vote? How would they know who the thief voted for, even though we all know its for Newsom or a Democrat.

And this is how I know Trudeau will win his majority. There is no way an arrogant and hated spoiled Dauphin like Trudeau, would ever call an election early if he didn’t have it in the bag. Only he isn’t senile enough to openly state like Biden did, that they have the best election fraud machinery ever.

Reports of interference with people wishing to vote for Bernier continue to pour in. Posting one shortly.

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  1. Be sure you get here in time. Just blow off the visa thing.
    2A is when the balloon goes up, if not before. No way will we tolerate a satrapy of the PRC on our border.

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