Five more items on the authoritarian con which is Covid measures: Links 2, September 13, 2021

1. Trudeau has quite an unusual sense of what rights are. Which is to say, none at all.

2. More from Sir Christopher Chope’s bill for compensation for vaxx damaged people.

UK – Covid Vaccine Damage Scheme Bill. Chris Chope highlights some worrying statistics.

Christopher Chope Christchurch MP asks the Government why they have no statistics directly relating to Covid Vaccinations.

Talks about the vaccine damage payment scheme and all the “reported” blood clots ,rise in heart inflammation cases, the 1000s of reports of Women’s cycles being messed around with, it’s quite an eye opener.

He also asked when people have taken a vaccine , is it recorded whether they have died within a 1 month, 2 month or a 3 month period and was told they do not hold such data.

3. The MSM continues to lie about each and every event, a;ways in a way which diminishes the individualist and freedom side of any issue, and which amplifies the collectivist and big-state big corporation side. In this video we see that freedom protests in Oz are an order of magnitude and a half larger than reported. Which is typical of all legacy Canadian media as well.

4. Bracken: US Army O-5 Resigns Over Vaxx Mandate

(Click through to see the document)

5. According to VAERS Website: There Were 3,296 COVID Vaccine Deaths in US Since July 24 – Or an Average of 70 Deaths per Day

Thank you M., Johnny U., Kontrarian Kim, EB., Sassy, Gates of Vienna and all who are metamorphosing into lions from lambs

The video below is a wonderful summation of the obvious, which is always my favorite kind of lecture.


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  1. FYI
    Notices of Liability for Vaccine Harm and Death Sent to the EMA and all Members of the European Parliament – Sep 13, 2021

    “Conclusively, mass vaccination campaigns during a pandemic of highly infectious variants fail to control viral transmission. Instead of contributing to building HI (herd immunity), they dramatically delay natural establishment of HI (Vanden Bossche, August 2021). This is why the ongoing universal vaccination campaigns are absolutely detrimental to public and global health.”…
    “Only a mind that has lost its grasp on reality can fail to see how pathetic all this has become….” Geert Vanden Bossche, (DVM, PhD)

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